The best 4 teams in the history of the playoff and 3 of 4 ----

--------- had head coaches who were internal staff hires and had never before been head coaches, that led their team to the pinnacle of college football. The one exception was the 4th internal hire (Orgeron) and his head coaching experience and success was very limited. That pretty much blows out of the water the theory that you always want successful head coaches to lead your program, never to hire someone to their first head coaching job. You can argue that all four were handed successful programs with strong recruiting history and loaded with great athletes, but there are dozens of programs with the same history, athletes, and recruiting power whose experienced (before getting hired) head coaches are watching the playoffs, not participating. You could argue that this must mean that Lunney would have been our best choice, but we needed someone to bring in a new culture, not carry on the one already here. That, in my opinion, makes the “never been a head coach OR coordinator (like Dabo)” Sam Pittman the possible best next version of this type of coach for the Razorbacks.

When it comes to putting together a great staff, Pittman seems to be proving that he has strong, long term relationships with some great assistant coaches. Coaches who turn down jobs at more successful programs because they believe in Sam and want to make him successful. The only initial knock on Sam was his lack of head coaching experience. Let’s hope that proves to be a trivial concern for him as it proved for the 4 coaches in the playoffs and that his obvious strengths of toughness, integrity, love of the Razorbacks, and love for his players are exactly what is needed at this time at our school. JMVVVVVHO