The Baylor Bears

are wanting to get G Moses Moody, big man Jon Aku, wing Jerry iliya and SF Donald Ghostone of Team Superstar South on an unofficial in August.

I hope these kids can appreciate the value in having the right adults in their life for guidance. the whole way that waco community acted like nothing that bad went down, I mean women’s soft ball coach saying if somebody talks bad about Baylors sexual assault problems to recruits then knock em in the head and people saying art briles didn’t deserve anything bad, business leaders trying to make the school administration hire him back etc. come on.

that stuff irks me and makes me wonder about the abusive cultures that big money college sports fuels.

come on hugh freeze, chip kelley, art briles, bobby patrino, rick pitino

how long does the list need to be until sports fans act like they care

I hope baylor is a totally different and better place now sure :roll: but more so I hope the game changes