The Bailey pick

I’m almost inclined to give the refs a break that they swallowed the whistle to an incredible extent on the Berry charge-walk and the Meeks shooting-foul-tip calls in the closing minutes after the “Seton Hall gets screwed in a game that they were going to lose because refs make the right call” national pile-on. Let the players decide the game! Let the players decide the game! The problem with that theory is the Bailey pick that was whistled that almost certainly prevented Arkansas from taking a seven-point lead. Instead, UNC cut the margin to three in a huge 4-point swing. It’s not irrational to believe that call may possibly have decided the game.

What makes that turn of events so irritating is that Hannahs and Barford managed to combine for 11 TOs and 7 of 21 from the field against the aggressive UNC defense without shooting a single FTA the entire game. They hadn’t shot 0 FTAs against any power-conference opponent all season. Hannahs hadn’t gotten to the line for less than 4 attempts dating back to the UF loss. However, getting reachy suddenly became a foul with Bailey in what looked like a clean pick. It’s not like the refs hadn’t allowed UNC a lot of leeway of going after the ball the whole game.

I agree. That was maybe the biggest play of the game. Go up 7 there and our odds of winning were pretty decent.

It may have been a foul. Who knows. But if it was, Dusty and Barford should have shot about 10 FTs instead of none.

It was just a very one-sided game all around. The more I think about it the more frustrated I get.

Yes! I wanted a replay of that so bad. Looked like it was a steal that was about to lead to an outlet dunk

I’m same way as you, I try not to even think about it. It was so obvious they were trying to protect UNC at the end it was almost unreal.

With that said, TJ Cleveland, said on the radio this morning you can’t leave the game in the hands of the refs. That’s just how it is. South Carolina showed last night how you have to beat those blue bloods, you get that lead and keep pounding on them, so those bad calls won’t make a difference. We had a could opportunities to put them away or grow the lead, but took a bad shot or made a turnover can’t do that against blue bloods.

That’s true to an extent but where do you draw the line on that? How much do you have to outplay the #1 team in a virtual home game for them in order to win?

It doesn’t seem right that you have to be 20 points better than them to win by 1.

And, the national reaction to the game makes me think that I’m not just nitpicking and it was blatant.

At some point, it crosses over and seems like wrasslin.

At some point Jeff Long has to AGGRESSIVELY file complaints with the SEC and NCAA when these bad calls are so blatant. Mike is going to have to stop being Mr. Niceguy with the refs. How many Technicals has he had called on him this year? It’s like bringing the problem into the light to expose it. There are certain refs that should not ref games for certain schools.

Agree with Long filing a complaint. However, the coach can’t really say much because he will get fined. Also, I’m not sure about the technical thing, it can sometimes make things go bad to worse and in that UNC game, we were so close no need to give them 2 points and the ball.

It’s remarkable that not a single starter scored in double figures and FTAs had a 25-8 disparity and we still feel like we should have won. The refs have to give you a chance. What gets lost in the controversy is that Arkansas, a team much maligned for not guarding, had an outstanding defensive performance. It was UNC’s fourth worst offensive performance all season and the worst not in somebody else’s gym. I never would have guessed that we would defend so well period or lose if we did.

Macon also had one of the better NCAAT performances of all time for an Arkansas player. Pity it was in a losing cause and may not be remembered like it should be. It reminds me of the loss to a huge Georgetown team. Joe Johnson didn’t play well, but Carl Baker almost saved us in maybe his best game in the uniform. We lost on a controversial block-charge.

While I agree with you, I do feel that CMA has to raise more he)) with the refs and make it obvious about their performance. Many coaches will say that they are going to meet with the AD to submit a complaint to the league office. I think that is all Mike would have to say in press conferences after some of these games we see in the SEC.

I was saying in another thread, I watched the GGG fight this weekend, and he got beat, yet since he’s the bigger name and bigger draw judges gave him the fight. It wasn’t even close, everybody that watched it knew he lost. When you’re the lesser name and underdog fighter you gotta throw a knockout punch to get the win, otherwise judges go with the bigger name. And while we all would like for things to be fair, it’s just not way. These sports are based around money, and these judges, refs, and umpires are just pawns and they know their place, that’s why none of them ever get in trouble for making bad calls repeatedly in favor of the bigger schools and/or players.

If the NCAA really wanted things to be fair, they’d hold refs responsible and monitor the bad calls each ref makes. For example, the ref that was looking directly at the Berry push-off, he should get a mark on his record for missing a call like that. It was a blatant missed call. And if you get enough marks on your record, you don’t get to ref the big games, and if you start getting a lot, you lose your job, you know like most people when they make mistakes at their job. And I’m not saying they should go overboard and mark for every little thing. But, if you miss an obvious call, or have a history or missing calls in big games, there should be consequences for that, because you’re affecting people’s lives. I guarantee you if a policy like that was in place, we wouldn’t be having these discussions. But, when you can’t even speak out against the refs when they make bad calls, they can pretty much call the games however they want with no consequences.

Blu you nailed the underlying reasons for Refs and officials making bad calls without retribution. Its all about the money and power. It is so bizarre that coaches and schools can’t say anything about the officiating…very weird way of protecting them while not holding them accountable.

There was a coach from the Big East a week before Sunday said in a interview that the at large bids and whole tournament is about money nothing else.
They have a commercial on TV right now while the tournament is going on promoting
A game being played Kansas and I think Kentucky. ( Come commercial ).
Refs are pons too! It is not fair just like the picture or the ref in the SEC tournament looking at Monk doing a throat slash.
It’s no different. It’s not fair and never will be and yes you better be 20 points better to beat a blue blood.
Those refs have to live with that piss poor job they did from tip off through the final whistle. They will get what they have coming. All I want for our hogs or any team is a fair shake!
Our hogs never got a fair shake from those 3 refs.
In the Duke game Jefferson had a foul called on him and he gripped at the ref from that point through a 1-1 and then when he threw the ball in bounds. It that would have been a Hog player the T would be quick. What is the difference. Blue blood McDonald’s All American from Duke!
We went over 3:30 without scoring and during that time when we had the Ball we stopped our dribble and waited a double team and turned it over! Dribble around until the shot clock was down under 5 and never ran our offense. We were robbed but you have to stay aggressive and score. The best shot we had was the baseline shot Bailey took! The next one was Beard’s 3 ! That’s not good offense.
The refs that part I expected to happen. I never thought we would have that Manny possessions and not get a shot off by a scorer

Any body have a clip of that Play???

How about pulling the refs into the media room after games? Let them explain their lousy calls. The answers would be priceless.

Q: Why did you not make a call on the Berry drive that iced the game for NC?
A: Well, I tried to, but my whistle malfunctioned. I had to get a new during the next timeout.