The Austin Capps (6-4, 311) move to the OL might as well be...

taken as a OL commit for 2019 as well as 2018 as Coach Morris says that is a permanent move.

Capps is a junior.

Do you think the move will be good?

No clue other than he has nice size and strength.

Will have to watch technique as college is so much different than high school.

I don’t believe he can walk in and be great right away. Froholdt showed it takes time.

Truthfully, get him action in 4 games and call it a redshirt year, he can use the development on this side of the ball. He may just blow us away and stand out from the start, as he has the size and strength, but a year and spring practice will help immensely.

That sounds nice, and in fact probably is the best thing for the program in the longer term. Problem is, with the depth (or lack thereof) on THIS year’s team, I don’t think we’ll be able to hold him back from playing more than 4 games. I believe we’ll see him play a lot this year, unless he gets injured.

Sure, if he’s going to be a starter, but second team OL don’t have to play much, unless injuries force them to.

Oline is the most difficult of all positions to play. It takes all working as a unit. That is why all of this jumping around concerns me, but what else are they to do? Perhaps he can do it this season, but it will be rare if he can. Probably not like a raw recruit, but Dudley did not miss it far if at all.

I think it makes a point about Oline. A couple of yrs. ago, Clay put on the cover the players who already had their degrees. Turned out, all but one were all Olinemen. Weak in mind, spirit and body need not apply!

This being the recruiting board, perhaps that is the reason we need more Oline recruits. They are hard to find.

But who says he’s going to be second team? That is the case now, but with only about 10 healthy OL, and his background, it may not be much longer. And even if he is, with the low numbers on the OL you have to anticipate some rotation (to rest starters), and injuries.

Barring injury (legit) to him, he will not redshirt.

Who’s to say he’ll pick up the play at guard, how many times have you seen even HUNH teams sub out OL during a tight game, much less a laugher? He’s a backup plan, or they would have moved him much sooner. Now, injuries may completely change everything.

IMO Austin Capps was moved to the O-line to be a starter. I will surprised if he doesn’t play most of the first game, and the most of all the games the rest of the year.

Several reasonable possibilities shown above, but I think Big John got it right. Capps starts from game 1 and never looks back!

Agree. Capps is different. He is mature, has played in the SEC for two years, and he is a bad ass. He will do very well at OG.

When we had a walk-on true freshman, Clary, starting at guard early last year that should have screamed “we are in big trouble” to all of football. Because of lack of recruits and injuries, we have two true freshmenb this year, at least they are full scholarship true freshmen, playing right now in the two deep. Austin Capps will start every game at left guard this year. Period. Unless he gets hurt. You can bet they have pondered whether Austin Cantrell can play some guard as well. We are thin and weak in the O-line, hoping that Froholdte can become a instantly good center and Capps a good left guard and we hold on until Jackson, hopefully, hits the ground running against Alabama. :cry:

I have thought the same thing about Cantrell. I really expected him to be a star, somewhere on the field. He might still be.


This being the recruiting board, perhaps that is the reason we need more Oline recruits. They are hard to find.

[/quote]Well, we’d be ok in 2019 if we could just sign the 4 stars from Arkansas.

We’ll find out this season, Rice. I say he plays the entire season, whether he starts (which I think he eventually will) or just rotates in a few times in each game.

Oh - and, by the way - injuries have already changed things.

That’s the point.


I thought after his freshman year he should move to OL, he big and strong, moves well but lacks the suddenness to be a great DT. He like Froholdt looks like an OL.

I think he starts as well.

I hope that we have enough talent (one deep) that we are not forced to have him as a starter. Yeah, he played offensive line in high school and he has a couple of years of college experience, but the latter is on defense. As stated by another earlier in this thread, competence on the offensive line in college takes a lot of experience, which is lacking here. I have no doubt that he has all the tools to excel in a year or so (wish that we could redshirt him, but unfortunately available numbers dictate otherwise), but expecting excellence this year is probably a pipe dream. We can wish that he had been moved to offense a year or so ago, but we must live with what we have. Hopefully we will dominate enough in the first few games such that he can begin getting that much-needed game experience sooner rather than later.
Regarding the earlier comment concerning playing the best set of offensive linemen all game, with this hurry up offense competent available substitutes are sorely needed. I believe that our new defensive coordinator commented earlier about the target number of plays at each position such that tiredness does not become our enemy in the latter stages of the game.

I have seen and heard enough to think the previous Oline Coach was weak on technique, over bearing and not a developer of talent. It must have been his NFL experience where you should not be developing players. Look at Brian Wallace who has become a different player under this Oline coach Fry. Coach Fry is a developer of talent and he will develop Capps.

I agree with you about Capps starting because they are already using the headset in his helmet, intense 1 on 1 coaching etc. Some fans are freaking out because of how hard it was for Froholdt to switch. Capps is different he played Oline in HS and was quite good. Capps is intelligent like Froholdt so he should pick it up but probably much quicker than Froholdt. Fry appears to be a developer that would have transitioned Froholdt much quicker than Anderson.

Ty Clary is going to be a good player but he should never have been thrown to the wolves like Brandon Allen was against Bama.