The Auburn Coaching Job

I read rumblings of Kiffin to Auburn as well as the Tigers hiring their defensive coordinator, Kevin Steele. Surely they didn’t fire Gus to hire Kevin Steele.

I would enjoy Kiffen to Auburn. That would make my day, being an Ole Miss hater. I don’t believe that rumor, however.

This information was taken from a Dennis Dodd article on CBSSports.

It will be tough for Auburn to pay a big buy-out right now. Believe it or not, paying Gus that buy-out stretched them. That is partly why Kevin Steele is a serious candidate. And, the Auburn folks want to make sure they don’t lose Steele in this process. It sounds like more than a courtesy interview. Steele was the best coach on that staff. No one is disputing that. Is he finally ready to be a head coach? He wasn’t when he was head coach at Baylor. It’s going to be interesting.

Steele’s defenses have carried them since Cam Newton’s departure.

Kinda nice knowing Gus’s flirtation with the Razorbacks cost Auburn millions. Actually real nice…


I wonder how much of a cut Jimmy Sexton will get from whatever Gus’s buyout turns out to be?

Well, whoever thought a 56 year old Sam Pittman, who was a lifetime position coach, would come in and do a really good job as a head coach? I didn’t, and I bet most of us didn’t who really did not know Sam’s capabilities. I had no clue.

Maybe, Auburn has looked at Arkansas and decided to give Steele another opportunity.

It’s not a bad idea. If he’s anything like CSP, he would just hire a really good OC and say, you do that and I’ll leave you alone.

I don’t know which is a worse job in terms of delusions of grandeur: Auburn or A&M.

Don’t give the job to Steele unless you’re willing to actually give the man some time to make it his own. Otherwise, do the guy a favor for the work that he’s done for you, and tell him to move on to somewhere else for his own good.

And what our discussion means is the Tiggers fired their coach before securing the replacement.

I think I remember folks on this board upset for firing Chad without a replacement waiting in the wings

Seems like a common practice.

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I always thought that Sam was the best coach , because of what linemen he produced. Arkansas had the best linemen to play with Ala. and the rest of the SEC. I sent an E-mail to Arkansas telling them to hire Sam, because of the lineman at that time loved Sam for helping get them to the NFL. When he had the biggest line in college they weighed in at 335 pounds and 6’ 5".

Steel may very well be Auburn’s best option. He would take the job for less money right now than any other Head coach and he is already there. I think it’s a good idea.
Who cares what Auburn has to pay in the buyout to Gus. I sure don’t. Ole Miss and Kiffin deserve each other and also Kiffin will keep making jabs at Saban.
Last year the SEC had 4 new Head coaches and next season there will be 3 more new Head coaches. That half the leagues temas in 2 seasons. I wonder if Tennessee will pull the plug next season on Pruitt?

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