The Athletic: Will Wade got what he deserved

Dana O’Neil pulls no punches about Wade, how he tried to CYA including paying off a player’s girlfriend and throwing his wife under the bus, how he had another violation in 2020 after SAO became public, how disgusted the rest of the coaching fraternity is with him, and how he’s pretty much destroyed LSU basketball for the foreseeable future (Louisville still hasn’t recovered from Hookergate). Postseason bans, scholarship cuts and a whole lot of vacated wins.

She’s not too fond of LSU officials for letting him skate either.

And there is a reason the NCAA sent this now. They didn’t want Will Wade coaching in their tournament again, Couldn’t get the case concluded in time, but they were pretty sure LSU would do what it did.

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Pat Forde also pulls no punches.

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And Seth Davis:

Frankly, I hope Wade never works anywhere in college basketball again. If the facts alleged in this NOA are true, he is an enormous stain on the sport. We live in a forgiving society, and he has proven to be a pretty capable coach. But it is going to be a very long time until this sordid episode is far enough in the rearview mirror that anyone can seriously consider hiring him without sullying themselves or their institution.

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What is CYA?

Cover your azz

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CYA= Cover your a$$. But the way used here saying Wade covered his.


Wade didn’t cover his rear ended he exposed it Wade should have a line in the NOA that he was stupid!
I would like for all the announcer who supported his cheating to own up to it now! To include the SEC commissioner! Talk about how great the terd is and he cheated to win games while folks like Conzo Martin did it the right way and got fired and Crème at Georgia.
I can hardly wait to see the day Self at Kansas, and Pearl at Auburn get their punishment.
Pearl should be next!


Knowing all of this makes the LSU administration guilty as anyone. Hard, hard sanctions are in order. We shall see.

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The football program talked to the NCAA and provided interviews to them and didn’t try to avoid the problem. Wade tried to lie and deny and sue! Classic grease down version of being a thug.

I hope they come down HARD on LSU for all this, bc they’re on the hook for institutional control for both hoops and FB? I don’t know exactly how this works for multiple sports infractions. Hope they get slammed by NCAA.

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Ah yes. Makes more sense than "call your aunt.":sunglasses:

Self is the one I’m wanting to see next.


Anyone know is the SDNY/FBI criminal probe still ongoing or did they wrap that up?

Also has anyone seen the HBO documentary The Scheme. Would you recommend? Don’t have hbo currently but they usually do good work. It sounds pretty eye opening

Yes the Kleenex Man himself Self.
He knows he’s got it coming too! Sit a player out then that players leaves and never plays then he had a player sit and finally plays. Bogus.

The bosses at LSU certainly saw this coming (er, three years ago). How did they allow him to hang around and collect a lot of Tiger coin?

Because if they’d fired him three years ago he would have sued.

I’m sure that would have been a failed suit; the inaction is awful.


As it turns out LSU sold a lot Tickets and made some cash now they can vacate the whole Will Wade era! This is almost as bad as stripper gate!
Will Wade can go learn how to work a window at Burger King. “ would you like fries with that. He should be in federal prison with his buddies.

NCAA is gonna be so mad that some Little Sisters of the Poor is gonna get hammered for what LSU did.


@gentryrzrbk :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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