The Athletic staff on Hogs-Rice

And all other SEC games from a point spread viewpoint.

All of them think we’ll win, none of them think we’ll cover -19.5; 28-10 is the biggest margin any of them pick.

I admit I think a 19.5 point spread is pretty high. We might have improved a lot last year over 2019, but that’s not high praise. Even if we’re better this year than we were last year–and I think we will be–we’re still breaking in a new QB & playing against a team that wasn’t too bad last year.

We might beat the spread, but I wouldn’t bet on us doing it. I just hope we win somewhat comfortably. I’d like to take an early lead & always have a 2 score cushion. That will satisfy me just fine.

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I’ll be very shocked if we cover,We really haven’t looked good in a 1st game in a while.

Looked pretty good the 1st half against GA last year… wore down in the 2nd half but Rice is certainly not GA… not even close. I think we cover. We struggle against Rice it’s not going to be the year we want … too many seniors to not start with purpose. My .02 worth…

yeah got to play 4 qtrs, that’s been our problem for a while now, but its a new yr with all kinds of experience back,we Should be able to cover, we will see very soon.

And after all that, we covered.

We tried to slow play the first half. Well, we’re not Bama, gotta give it four quarters against most teams…just not Rice.

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