The Athletic says Hogs are a tourney lock

Great metrics, not so great strength of record, but all in all going to get in. They also made Misery a lock, which is six for the SEC. Auburn, Moo U and Vandy all listed as “work to do”. I wondered why it took so long to consider Vandy. The Anchor Boys have been on a serious roll for the last month (7-1 I believe).

Also at The Athletic, their bracketologist has the Hogs as an 8 seed in Des Moines, with Kansaw awaiting in the second round. Can’t say I wouldn’t enjoy sticking it to Show Cause Self.

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Lunardi has the Hogs as a 9. 8, 9, really no difference except red unis.

Still an 8 in Bracket Matrix.

Yeah I think we’re an absolute lock as well.

This is a what if scenario. If we win tomorrow and first game of SEC and play a stout game against say Bama but come up short again, is it possible to get to the 7 line?

Theoretically, I suppose. Right now I think we’re 9th, so we’d get Moo U on Thursday and Bama on Friday if that holds. But Auburn could certainly lose to Tennessee and drop into that 8th place tie and no telling who wins the tiebreaker (Florida also there). Leghumpers play at Vandy and Wallets host LSU, but Florida is 1-4 since Castleton got hurt so no telling what they’ll do.

But if we get into the 7th spot somehow, that would be A&M on Friday and we know we can handle A&M. Then it would be Tennessee on Saturday… uh, no, unless the twins decide to show up this time.

My vote is this! WE know we can take the Aggies & redeem ourself with the Mustard droppings!

Still a lock after that pathetic effort?

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Yep and I wouldn’t say the effort was pathetic.

Dude…there was massive effort. Just bad play.

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