The Athletic: Really deep dive on Hog hoops

Starting with who’s gonna be the point guard and going through the entire roster, schedule, you name it. Ain’t no way to Cliffs Note this one.


It’s a really good read.

If anyone doesn’t subscribe to The Athletic, I highly recommend doing so. They have great content and well worth the 10 bucks or so a month

I agree, I think swine should get a kickback from the subscriptions he’s driving.


I’m not going to pay the subscription to read it but I totally agree with Corey Beck… when you get that close to the land of milk and honey you have to work twice as hard to make sure you don’t end up short again… that is a mindset that will defeat most teams bc they are not willing to put forth the effort to make it happen.
I think this team has a roster that could potentially go that far but injuries and timing of when we’re playing our best ball will decide that in my opinion.

A quote from Stanley Umude in a feature I’ll have on him soon mentioned rage, too.

“It’s exciting,” Umude said. “We like that pressure. I know the guys coming back from last year, we’ve been talking about that rage that they have from not making it. They’re not satisfied with the Elite Eight appearance, and I can tell.

“It’s just fun to be around guys like that with all the same mindset that are trying to work toward that common goal. It’s definitely the most talented team I’ve been a part of.”


I expect you will see some early growing pains as they learn to play together. We saw that last year, but this team will get a lot stronger as the season wears on

I read this earlier today. It is a solid read for sure.

Went ahead and subscribed. Good read. It’s funny that it starts with Beck. He and Clint were 2 of the first people I contacted when Coach A was fired. I expected them both to be pissed, and while they were disappointed for Coach A, neither of them felt he had accomplished here what he should have. They were all-in on Muss though, and that let me know that we were in good hands.


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