The Athletic ranks the SEC teams

Hogs #3 behind Kentucky and Tennessee. Surprisingly Bama is only fifth.

He lists our probable starters as Lykes, Devo, Toney, Umude and JWill. Sounds reasonable.

I’m not surprised at all that Alabama isn’t ranked that high. I couldn’t understand why so many people at the end of the season thought Alabama was going to be a major power again in basketball. They still might, but Kentucky is Kentucky. Tennessee is returning a lot of good experience. Arkansas on paper will have a very good team, to possibly great team. The dark horse I see this next season is Auburn. Auburn had a lot of good freshmen playing and got some very good transfers. They could be a major threat this year.

For those who can’t get past the paywall, Auburn is 6th.

The list (and again this is one guy’s opinion):

Miss St
Ole Miss

Based on that list, we’re playing 11 of our 18 SEC games against teams rated 7th or lower, and possibly more if we’re given home and homes with, say, SoCar and/or Vandy. Which is a nice scheduling break if that holds. I’m pretty sure we won’t get Bama or Auburn home and home since we had both last year.

I believe Athletic has Alabama ranked too low and Kentucky rated too high.

Many including Jon Rohthstein have it in this order.

11 Auburn
12 Alabama
15 Arkansas
18 Tennessee
19 Kentucky
31 Mississippi State
33 LSU

The only change I would make is in top 3.


And yes, all are projecting that starting lineup. It is the obvious one.

Is it obvious to Muss?

You know the coaches. They always start with a clean slate and let everyone earn the starter spot. Muss will do the same.

Yep, I know. I’m sure they’re starting on those decisions now since everyone is on campus.

PJ, you might want to edit… you have Kentucky listed twice. I think Arkansas should be listed as 15.

Thank you

And then there is Joey Brackets. Lunardi moved us from a 3 seed to a 4 in his latest edition of bracketology. He also has Alabama a 3 seed, Kentucky a 4, Tennessee a 4, Auburn a 6, Florida an 8, and LSU a 10.

ESPN Bracketology

Wasn’t Tennessee ranked preseason #1 in SEC for last season and basically underperformed all season long? I 'm not sold on Tennessee. I think UK and Arkansas are legit final 4 threats next season. Auburn, will be much improved under Pearl next season, it pains me to write. Alabama will probably be good again although I don’t know exactly who they’re returning. Mike White and Florida is the perpetual enigma of SEC men’s hoops. Martin, Howland, and Crean all need to have very good to great seasons to keep their jobs.

Projected Starting 5:
G JD Davison
G Jahvon Quinerly
G Jaden Shackelford
G Josh Primo
C Noah Gurley
Projected Bench: Juwan Gary, Nimari Burnett, Alex Tchikou, Keon Ellis, Keon Ambrose-Hylton, Darius Miles, Charles Bediako, Jusuan Holt, James Rojas (injured)
Newcomers: JD Davison, Charles Bediako, Jusaun Holt, Nimari Burnett (Texas Tech), Noah Gurley (Furman)
Losses: John Petty, Herb Jones, Alex Reese, Jordan Bruner

JD Davison is a five star. And former 5 star Nimari Burnett is projected to play off the bench. Bama has the most talented roster in the SEC. I count five 5 stars on that roster. it will be interesting what Oats does with it.

Bama might have the most talented team “on paper,” but they lose a ton of seasoned good players that Oats did not recruit. He’s gonna miss Petty…big time. The jury is still out on whether or not Nate can have sustained success at a football school. My guess is that he can not, and will leave for a better basketball job. Bottom line, I would much rather have Muss, and his approach to college basketball, than any other coach in the SEC…including Calimari.

Thank goodness we aren’t a football school

Wow…that’s a scary looking Bama team…on paper.

Is it possible for someone to break out our starting five projected, and other players as was done with AL?

  1. Arkansas

Potential starters: Chris Lykes (transfer), Davonte Davis, Au’Diese Toney (transfer), Stanley Umude (transfer), Jaylin Williams
Bench: Khalen Robinson, JD Notae, Chance Moore (freshman), Trey Wade (transfer), Kamani Johnson (transfer), Connor Vanover

It seems like most of us (me included) have kind of dismissed Connor from having a big impact this season. I do think there’s a chance he could be a much bigger contributor than last season, if he can put on a reasonable amount of good weight, especially in his legs. And if he works hard on his 3 point shot and improves his consistency with it.

I tend to forget about his extended illness and 30 pound weight loss just before the season last year. Here’s hoping for bigger things from him this season, especially with Kamani’s availability a bit in limbo.

Here is a take from Jon Rothstein similar to what he laid out for Bama.

Projected Starting 5:
G Chris Lykes
G Davonte Davis
G Stanley Umude
F Au’Diese Toney
C Jaylin Williams
Projected Bench: Khalen Robinson, Chance Moore, Kamani Johnson, Connor Vanover, JD Notae, Jaxson Robinson
Newcomers: Chance Moore, Kamani Johnson (Little Rock), Chris Lykes (Miami), Au’Diese Toney (Pitt), Stanley Umude (South Dakota), Jaxson Robinson (Texas A&M)
Losses: Moses Moody, Jalen Tate, Vance Jackson, Justin Smith, Desi Sills, Ethan Henderson

If you want a similar breakdown on Top 45 teams, here us a good resource.

BTW, since Texas picked up Tre Mitchell, he moved Texas way ahead of us and we are #16 now.