The Athletic on the Hogs

Musselman’s most talented team ever, he says (and I agree, possibly including his teams at Sacramento and Golden State). Includes some info from the Valencia game, so very up to date.


Great find, Jeff. Brennan nailed it. Damn, I’m excited!

Great article! Immensely talented team,Will be interesting to see how the pieces all fit together by the time SEC play starts.

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Really good article. Clearly the writer spent a lot of time and effort in digging up good, current information on this team. About the only thing I would question was his pigeonholing Council into the 2G spot. I believe the bulk of Ricky’s minutes will be at the 3. Also, SF seems to fit his skills much better than the 2G spot.

Long, but very enjoyable read. A hard combination for a writer to achieve.

He obviously had an extensive conversation with Gus Argenal and threw in some stuff with Muss himself. And got the numbers from Valencia.

Dang, I hate to pay a dollar for the Athletic but it seems worth it from the quick glance of articles I can never read past the first sentence before the blade rises to cut me off. Done and the Article was worth the subscription!!

I figured out pretty quickly that The Athletic was worth the price. Might have been even more worth the price if they still had a beat writer in Fayetteville, but her position was eliminated pretty quickly. They seem to be cutting back on beat writers at a lot of schools, not just us. But we still get plenty of coverage as an SEC school, and their stuff on national foobaw and hoops is worth it anyway.


Game time!!!

You could read that one for free all the way or at least I could. But I may join the athletic they seem to have some pretty good articles

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It’s like Hogs+, Billy…worth it.

i Hadn’t joined hogs + either but looks like its very good.

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You will love it, Billy.

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The Athletic has taken over for Sports illustrated for me. They always seem to regularly have an article about the Hos for Football or basketball. they also have articles i enjoy about all types of sports.

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Great article. Thanks Jeff!


Yep. The Popovich version, not the Conte version :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a friend that is based in Belgium these days. Huge San Antonio Spurs fan. He will send me little “here come the SPURS” messages, referencing the Pop Spurs of course.

I just agree and send back pics of Harry Kane and Sonny. :slight_smile:

Meanwhile, speaking of English football, I have a complete celebrity crush on Leah Williamson.
Lady Lions!!!

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