The Athletic on NIL collectives

Written by Springdale native David Ubben.

A lot of stuff here but Cliffs Notes:

  1. Big and getting bigger
  2. NCAA is unlikely to crack down after the Alston ruling by SCOTUS
  3. Probably immune to one big donor getting fed up.
  4. Not going away.

Interesting info on the Florida Gator Collective (set up for donors to give anywhere from 9.99 to 999.99 per month to fund NIL for athletes) … has anyone from Arkansas launched a collective yet?


I think we would have heard about one if it existed.

The genie is out of the bottle … we need to do our part as well

That list doesn’t even include the Gator Collective that Ubben referenced.

It occurs to me that, with the hodgepodge of state laws (or absence of state laws in some cases) related to NIL, some states may be allowing things like collectives that other states are not. I have no idea if the Arkansas law would prevent a collective or not, but it’s possible that this is a factor.

Mark Emmert is trying to get Congress to do something about NIL. Which of course is an admission that he’s not capable of dealing with this himself, but he’s correct. If every state has its own rules and they’re all a little bit different, we have 51 different playing fields (counting DC for Georgetown).

I like what my former classmate, Bryan Hunt, and his wife are doing to support athletes (starting with JD) … we may see more individuals and organizations do the same


It’s coming. I know this first hand. They are working out all the details.

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