The Athletic on national recruiting in college football

As in, you can’t win big anymore with just homegrown talent, even somewhere like Texas or California. You gotta go all over the place to find them, and kids are willing to go far from home for a program they think will get them where they want to be. In the last decade, Bama has signed 92 top-100 recruits from outside the state of Alabama, and that doesn’t necessarily mean Georgia or Florida either. Those 92 kids came from 22 different states.

Even more telling: In 1995, when we beat Bama at Tuscaloosa, they had 65 scholarship players from Alabama. In the 2020 CFP final, 20 kids on their roster were in-state. From 65, to 20.

Paywall, but a good read.

That’s what a successful, winning team with a reputation of winning NC’s will do for you. You just about have the pick of the litter from anywhere in the country. Success breeds more success.

And the challenge is getting them to Arkansas. I know we all love the state and the athletic program. But Arkansas is largely viewed as an unsophisticated outpost to those far out of state. Get them on campus and some of that goes away. Lots of challenges, on top of the horrible football played over the last several years. But better recruiting has to happen. I do think improvement in LRSD football — see Parkview — could really help. Really glad to see that happening. Let’s get Central and Hall football going again, some how, some way. Those schools used to spit out talent regularly.

It will take years for Central & Hall to have competitive teams again. They all play in different leagues and it is a sad sad situation . The only hope is NLR, Conway, and Bryant those teams are competing year in and year out.

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