The Athletic on Hog football

Cliffs notes:

Sam went with the spread instead of bully ball because he thought he could build faster that way. Then he’ll recruit and build more size in the weight room.

KJ will have some hiccups as the full-time starter.

Speed at RB but Sam wants somebody who can get you the third-and-1s.

Even without Woods, studs at WR and TE.

OL is already getting bigger in the weight room,

DL is the biggest concern due to lack of returning experience.

LBs are fine. So is secondary. Our third down issues were largely due to too many third and shorts, which the DL could help fix.

Odds of winning the natty: 100-1

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Thanks Swine -

Those are awfully short odds, currently 225-1 on Sportsbook. I would think that will go up as more money comes in on the favorites.

DL will make or break our D IMO…KJ will indeed have some rough patches but Hopefully can get better week by week.

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