The Athletic got comments from league coaches

the AR commentary was

" Arkansas. “They’re playing at a high level right now, but they have the ability to beat themselves. Teams that can match their toughness will give them problems. Everybody’s trying to play positionless basketball, but they actually do it. Jaylin Williams is really, really good. He’s a point forward who plays the five, so that creates some mismatches. JD Notae is as good a guard as there is, but sometimes he falls asleep out there. He can score without help. A team with inside presence would give them a problem because they’re not very big in there. They’re old and interchangeable. They have a bunch of guys on the court in the 6-4 to 6-6 range, and they all play off the bounce and switch defensively. They had those losses early but remember, Notae got hurt and then he came back and didn’t play very well. They’re winning now because they’re healthy. (Eric) Musselman does a hell of a job bringing guys in for a year and then molding them very quickly.”

Aubbie summary. Jabari Smith is one handed and can be handled, and Walker Kessler is not much you can do with him. Big guards can beat them.

KY. best team in the league.

this is not a commentary by a writer but quotes from coaches,

‘They don’t have anyone who’s elite:’ Anonymous coaches take us inside the Big Ten, SEC, Pac-12, WCC, American – The Athletic

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I didn’t read anything in that about any team (disclaimer: I haven’t watched the other schools all that much) that I disagreed with.

me either, unfortunately I fully agree that this team can beat itself and has. Is being old and experienced a slight or a compliment?

We won’t be ‘old’ next year…

Kentucky is good this year because Squid has backed off the one-and-done thing and has kept people around, plus plugging in people like Oscar.

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