The Athletic feature on Alex Mortensen

And what he did for all those years at Alabama before getting his chance as the new UAB OC.

Yes, it’s paywall.

AM will be a name to keep in mind. Rarely hear that kind of praise from that group of people including the main guy himself.

Thanks Jeff, I missed that piece. Hope Alex is very successful.

Alex is probably already better than Dow as OC, that would be the opinion of ex Titans and impressions made now long ago. Ingle Martin was practice QB in 2008 and Alex succeeded him in 2009 for Titans. Only physical limits kept them from the field, both were smart and aware. Im hoping good things happen for Alex and he is patient with the options that will come his way. Another system shock to realize Alex is 37, too many of those people running around the world who should not be that old.

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I remember standing in line for baseball tickets (for a regional, I think) behind Alex. I knew who he was and wished him good luck. He had just started at Arkansas, or was perhaps just enrolling for summer school. I thought that was just a very few years ago.

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