The Art of Tanking

Mavericks had a decision to make before last night’s game. Whether to push for playoffs or tank to make the lottery pick. They failed to hit the rim 3 times on 3 attempts inside the final 15 seconds.

More to the point, five guys didn’t play that should have been playing, including Kyrie Irving.

Yeah, they had made their intentions clear before the game started. But still they were in a wining position and lost it by air balling.

The NBA is a total mystery to me. I loved it back in the 80’s.

I’m pretty much down to just watching the Thunder and Bucks, Danny.
I do miss being a Laker fan, but I’m out until LeBron is gone.


NBA is investigating what Mavericks did. Mark Cuban is going to receive sone fines and may lose sone draft spots.

Couldn’t happen to a better guy…… :wink:

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The fine will mean next to nothing to Cuban, but the draft pick(s) loss will kill him. You would think a NBA team could tank slightly less obviously.

There is a podcast I listen to titled “Basketball Illuminati,” and it dove headfirst into the Mavs’ situation on last week’s episode. Really interesting stuff.

Somebody in that organization is not as smart as they think they are, maybe Cuban can figure it out. Maybe look in the mirror.

Airballs on desperation threes happen. Now if they’d dribbled out the clock and not even tried to shoot, that would be giving up.

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