The Arkansas TBT team this summer will be coached by Matt Zimmerman

TBT is The Basketball Tournament, a 64-team, single-elimination tournament that has a prize of $2 million and is played in July and Arkansas.

It is the seventh annual event with the idea of former players coming back together to play for their school.

The roster:

• Rashad Madden, Arkansas
• Mike Qualls, Arkansas
• CJ Jones, Arkansas, Middle Tennessee State
• Jacorey Williams, Arkansas, Middle Tennessee State
• Adrio Bailey, Arkansas
• Aaron Ross, Texas Tech
• IJ Ready, Mississippi State
• CJ Gettys, 7-0, 280, Rutgers
• Josh Hagins Little Rock

That team is cheeks my dude. Always disappointing that our best alumni won’t play.

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Who would you want to play that isn’t? Active NBA players can’t/won’t.

The best players who aren’t in the nba won’t play for some reason. Weems, Fortson, Barford. Would also throw Kingsley in there. They have to have those kind of guys play if they ever want to advance deep.

As I recall Barford played for another TBT team last year, one based in Tennessee where he grew up.

Barford has played every year since he left, just not for Arkansas.

Yeah, that team won’t scare anybody. Last year’s team had a lot more going for it.

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