The Arkansas Fan Base

There are a lot of comments on this board about the excessive negativity of our fan base. Some posters have prospectively blamed our supposed inability to attract a top flight coach on our fickle fans. It was the same last year during the football coach search and hire.

Although I am a Razorback fan first, last and always I am blessed to attend basketball and football games everywhere in the US. I hear the same gripes everywhere.

My question: Are we uniquely bad or just like every else in this regard?

I think the more the fans really want it the more irrational and out of control they can be; just being a fan. I plead guilty!

I think we have more problems when the fan base stops caring.

I think we have awesome fans. Everyone wants to win, but we love our teams, we love the razorbacks. Maybe we’re just tired of being a nobody. When fans stop caring, then u have real problems. Just because fans want excellence doesn’t mean we’re bad fans.

I’m tired of watching talented players leave the state of Arkansas to go to other schools and beat our rear ends with them.
I’m tired of watching football and basketball games and wondering why we are just so bad! Not being able to compete and getting blown out isn’t acceptable! When it becomes acceptable I’ll just stop watching or caring! I don’t want our coaches to cheat to win. I’m a proud hog fan born and raised!

Having lived in Chattanooga for the past 21 years I spend a lot of time around Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee fans. Bama fans only care about football and gripe some. Georgia fans only care about football and gripe a lot. Tennessee fans only care about football and ladies basketball (for the most part) and they are crazier than Hog fans. Seriously wanted Holly to lose so they could fire her, the same about Butch Jones.

We’re better than some about this stuff and no better than others.

I am totally disappointed in the supposed fanbase that is delisionally including itself in same breath as real basketball schools like Kentucky, North Carolina, Duke Indiana, Michigan St. I am long time season ticketholder. Coach Anderson always did right thing and praised the fans. What he was too nice to say after taking job is Hog fans no longer show up and show out.
I was embarrassed and so was he I’m sure at the paltry numbers that come to sec tournament in Nashville annually. The ncaa tourney fan support in Jacksonville, Greenville and Detroit was pitiful compared to other schools. Lil Butler had Bulldog fans everywhere in Detroit, yet we long down on them despite their two title game appearances and had returning sweet 16 squad that beat Hogs.
Embarrassed for Mike when on Malik Monks official visit had only 1,000 Hog fans at Red White game that Sunday night. Weeks earlier he was at spectacle of Big Blue Madness with 23,000. Yet we slam Mike for losing one season of Monk but gave us two of Macon and Barford instead.
Archie Goodwin went big blue one and done business decision route but scholly used for Mike Qualls who beat Kentucky 3 straight. We want to win like Eddie and Nolan without doing our support in all aspects. Hope we support next Coach better than we did our own Coach Mike Anderson.

Monk was never coming here. NEVER! I am assuming you never missed a game ?
Blaming a fan base for poor to average results is the easy way out. Radical fans that shoot off their mouths on social media is not a representation of the fan base. OU football fans were calling Stoops medium game Bob while he was piling up records most teams dream of. It’s everywhere, not just here.


Monk was never coming here. NEVER! I am assuming you never missed a game ?
Blaming a fan base for poor to average results is the easy way out. Radical fans that shoot off their mouths on social media is not a representation of the fan base. OU football fans were calling Stoops medium game Bob while he was piling up records most teams dream of. It’s everywhere, not just here.

[/quote]monk and Goodwin were business$$$$$$decisions $$$$$. We have stood toe to toe with Kentucky,North Carolina, Duke and any other school you talk about we WILL do it again . I wanted Mike just like a lot of other fans when he came home . But after 8 years a change had to be made

I expect results by fans doing their job, players doing their job and administration doing their job. The coach didnt compete for championships so he is gone. The fans can say what they want in frustration of sub par results versus expectations.
Just as measurable not met of Sweet 16, my measurable of comparing Arkansas fall off in fanbase since 1996 to better fanbases at most schools. Yet we think we are next in sec hoops after Kentucky. I was pointing out our fanbase doesnt do what they do at the programs we aspire to win like.
Monk was example that irked you but replace his name with any nba draft pick. Result in same. Compare visits and we fall short. Instead of falling short and only having 3 NBA first round picks in 23 seasons since last sweet 16, I am saying all phases must do better including fans to impress recruits to help new coach out. Joe Johnson is our only nba all star in last 23 years.
Administration must network with nba execs, tv networks and shoe companies to be in conversation for future nba players which will give fans a reason to be rabid like early to mid 90’s. A fat person just needs to do what skinny people do to be skinny. Similarly, if we aspire to compete toe to toe with Kentucky, Kansas, Duke and Carolina, we must observe and do what they do to get similar results or anywhere close. Then I would praise fanbase that I’d stack up against any like the swc reunion arena swc tourneys or first few years in sec.
I get it. It has been long time since 1994 title. Fan Up for new coach and hold administration accountable leadership wise to accomplish our goal. Sorry if truth hurts or you felt attacking making you
pull OU fans into facts about ours due to so many years of unmet expectations. WPS!

You can say a lot of things about Arkansas basketball fans but they sure do put their money where their mouth is…

Year National Attendance Rank

15 11th
16 12th
17 12th
18 9th

Certainly, those are based on ticket purchases and we know actual attendance is less but if you continue to pay for the right to hold a seat it speaks volume about your regard for the program. Look what’s happening in baseball, Hog fans attend and travel well when the program wins at a high level. The fan base has earned the right to bitch about not meeting expectations with their wallets…

I know where we rank in attendance nationally and know fans can spend how they choose. I certainly dont blame Hog fans for tournament misses. I am saying I hope in support of new coach away from Bud. Eight futile sec tournaments preceeded by nine will lessen support for certain. Multiple future nba players a must if we are to get ranked, better seed to play Slippery Rock for sweet 16 trip instead of UNC. Then I am sure Hog fans will return to Road Hogs elite like glory days. It was rude awakening fir me in Jacksonville in 2015 v NC, again in 2017 v NC where light blue dominated red in stands. NC crowd helped the comeback almost moreso than no calls. Then my ill fated trip to Detroit where Butler was supported far better. My ill fated trip to Bloomington to see 12,000 fans two hours before tip for an NIT game that Hog fans snub. I get ncaa or bust but the kids deserve support. To be elite, behave elite as elite isnt entitled. You earn it with coach recruiting future nba players or patience to let four year mid major roster management method get us there like it has for sec brethren Tennessee. I love the Hogs but would like more Hog fan company when away from the palace of Bud Walton. Go Hogs! WPS forever!

Would love to be able to travel with the Hogs. But fiscal realities dictate that I can’t. I imagine that’s the same for a lot of fans. Most of us don’t command high five or six figure salaries.

Everybit of support counts whether in arena or in front of hd tv. I have been following for years and need to get a life that all adulthood has centered around Hog hoops. Ready to drop grip on rope and leave it for the rich and younger fans. Will hold on for new coach then retire in three years whether new coach has us in sweet 16 or not… Take care! WPS!

Our fan base is directly proportional to how much we win. Quality wins are cherished, bad losses are an embarrassment that fans try to forget. This behavior is typical for fan bases. It may vary some but the underlying truth is that winning fans are more rabid. Teams that usually lose willl have some hard core fans, but general fan interest wanes when wins are scarce. I do think that some fan bases are more patient than others, but I think that winning is the underlying factor in that also.

I think that Arkansas fans are the equal of any as long as the team is winning. I don’t we are are as impatient as some fan bases. We also have shown that can be divided and intensive arguments can become the norm. This is healthy. Apathy is not.

All in all, we are just good SEC fans. WPS.