The Arkansas Excavators are at it again... :(

I’m not saying we are gonna lose here, I’m just baffled by the constant
nature of Arkansas for Diggin’ Holes for themselves at the beginning of
many of their games. I just do not understand. Maybe Mike needs to
shit-can his pre-game speech and use his half-time speech to start the

This team is frustrating to watch at the best of times.

Lets get our heads out hogs and start kickin some Pokie Ass!!!


It’s incredible. They have a packed house and show up consistently mentally checked out. Stand around, brick and brick, dumb stuff galore. I don’t get it. 2-3 solid possessions then 4 terrible ones.

It’s not hard to understand the only offensive that out there was Barford! Gafford can’t store inside Bailey can barely make a layup Hall’s decent and Anton doesn’t really penetrate and get his own shot who’s actually going to score??l just a stupid starting lineup