The annual back to reality game

I probably posted this same thing last year and the year before, and the year…Well you get the idea. Every year in the preseason I start to get excited about our team and program. Every year I think "this is the year we get our edge back and become a top 20 program again. Then we have a loss that reminds me we are no longer the program of my youth. Don’t get me wrong, this team is young and has some solid talent but it’s a stretch to think they make the Dance this year. They might make it next year but without Gafford (and no center coming in to replace him) they will not get past the first weekend. I love Mike and don’t advocate for his firing (we haven’t proven to be able to bring in anyone better anyway) but I sure would like to be a top 20 program again.

I agree with most of your post. Disagree that it’s a stretch that they make the tournament this year. Before this loss, Katz had them as a 6 (and WKU has good computer numbers and will win a bunch of games).

It’s just going to be an up and down year for us line it is for most every team in the country.

This is the best group we have had in terms of long-term potential in awhile. We need continue to get better and make the NCAAT and build on it.

This was a disappointing day but not really surprising. Most teams lose 1-2 they are supposed to win in nonconference and with us being so young I expected a few bad losses.

As good as the conference will be its going to be tough to get enough wins to Dance. Lots of teams in the SEC with similar make ups to WKU. I agree about the long term potential but, as talented as our young guards are we don’t have much in the post after Gafford leaves and nothing to replace him on the recruiting horizon either. Chaney will be good but he is not a center. I just wonder if we will ever be a top 20 program again.