The amount of contact this spring is up

I know the previous regime preached physical contact and wanted to impose their will. But you better practice like that to be physical in games. What I’ve seen so far this spring is that the amount of contact is up. I can’t say that I know exactly what happens in every practice any more. Media access isn’t the same as it once was at Arkansas, or anywhere else. There are days you are in practice and days you are not. But what I’ve seen so far tells me that Chad Morris will operate in a very physical way. I think there has been more tackling and more contact. And, one thing that I’ve always believed, you don’t have as many injuries with heavy work days. I just don’t see a big list of injured players.

It was a fun day to watch yesterday, rain or not. I watched a bit with Mark Smith and another bit with Curt Davis, both former players. They were trying to figure out the systems and didn’t want to comment too much just yet, but they liked the nature of the practice. It might be no huddle, spread, but it’s definitely a physical brand of football. That much was obvious.

I really like the contact as I am old school when it comes to that and think the only way to get better at tackling is actually do that in practice.

I realize the possibility of injury exists with more contact, but as Coach Morris said yesterday, iron sharpens iron

I really like the sound of that. It seems to me that it is hard enough to create game speed and reaction in practice. Allowing contact has to improve reaction time and recognition of scheme in real time.

From what I gather there’s a lot of banged up guys, but they’re fighting through it.

to the fighting in practice. prior coaches have said “they have to know better than that, it’s a penalty and DQ in games”.

But CCM said that he liked it, “iron sharpens iron” and all that, and that after practice was over they were all Razorbacks together. He seems to like intense practices with an edge.

I love the sound of that, seems to make sense that our team will be a better tackling and mentally tougher team with this approach


There is intensity between the offense and defense. Ryan Pulley and Santos Ramirez both have a heavy stream of words for the receivers and it comes right back. Ramirez reminded Kelley on one of the QB keepers that he could have lit him up and to know that if there is a chance where the QBs are live that he wants some of Kelley that day. I didn’t see anyone cross the line (except Gabe and Jalen) yesterday. But I’m sure that it’s happened before in practice this spring. Coaches are quick to get it stopped.

What I’ve seen through the years is that coaches let them go at each other, but there are penalties. Those who were involved in fights get some extra running. Don’t know if Morris does that, but they usually don’t let the fighting dominate a practice. Too easy to get some hands broken with a blow to a helmet.

I think the fact we’ve got new coaching staffs/systems is just about as important a reason to do more hitting as setting a tone. Game film and strength/conditioning only tells so much about holdovers. You have to try to find out a little bit more in the spring about what you’ve got than probably will be necessary in future years, so more contact makes sense.

Brandon Martin was in a boot as a precautionary measure with his foot.

Jeremy Patton had a neck stinger and was wearing a non-contact yellow jersey.


They need to get physical in the spring and heal up over summer. Sets the standard early.

The last regime preached what they didn’t practice, and it sure showed the last few years. Soft soft soft.

Fraud, Fraud, Fraud…perpetuated on a loyal and long suffering fanbase.

Competent leadership is refreshing.