The Alternative to Alabama

Some may not like coach “Prime” but I applaud his message here:

I can’t t seem to hear Oats stating "“Fellas, be careful on your break. Be careful on your comings and goings. Everyone ain’t for you, everyone ain’t with you, everybody don’t love you, everybody don’t appreciate you, everybody don’t want you to be that guy you plan on being, and your life is of value.”


Smartest thing I’ve heard him say. Hope they all listen, learn and make him proud.

Oats is too frightened to ever say something anywhere similar to that. This a direct quote of what Deion Sanders told his players prior Spring Break. I would not be surprised if Muss felt he had some player that required a splash of cold in the face before leaving the safety of the Hill. Reminds me of the old desk sergeant that always ended morning call by reminding the officers to be alert understanding the streets can be dangerous. Deion giving fair warning of the risk and replacing responsibility on his players shoulders.

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Difference between being a wildly successful Primetime professional athlete and a highschool math teacher. One of these is not relatable.

We shall see how Prime coaches. But so far he’s sold me on what he expects from his players on and off the field. No nonsense. Get your degree and represent your school, your family and yourself as a gentleman. Good stuff IMO.

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