The Alabama game

I think was the best D I have seen us play in a long, long time. Fun to watch. If we can keep that up we become a really hard out. Way to go Hogs!!!

Old Timer.

Yo, Number, long time no hear from. You still in Houston?

Yes sir. Is that super star son of yours running the world yet? Dr. Modica is doing well. He was recruited by Google (yes, THAT Google in San Jose) and then, once he landed was recruited away from Google by Cisco. Grateful for that UA education every day.

Tried to send you a PM but don’t know how…He is fine. With Corporate Walmart in Bentonville. Sam’s Club div. Your’s?

To send a PM, there are a couple of ways. The easiest is to simply click on the user name of the person that you wish to contact. There is a link on that page that says, PM: Send private message

Here is a picture of that page using Matt’s profile. My cursor was hovering over the Send private message link so that you could see it. (Links turn red when you hover over them.)

Yes, the best defense I can remember in a while, but also the first time in a long time that the ref’s didn’t call every little touch outside. They seemed to have made a conscience effort to let them play for the most part.

'Sup Lynn! Pleased to get the friend request from you on Facebook recently. Glad Dr. Pookie is doing well. He’s probably making about as much money out there as he would have in the NBA.

Boys are good, I became a grandfather in November. Stepdaughter (22) has taken on a Girls AAU Team so it looks like I’m not finished with coaching, after all! Youngest daughter (14) has taken me down the road of competitve dancing and teenage boys…this is proving to be my greatest life challenge to date.

Really happy for Chase…always good to hear from you Mac. Go Hogs!

Thanks Jeff! Facebook reveals to me that you’ve become an overachiever! Welcome to the club!

Pookie is doing very well and that PhD that he earned at UA has opened great doors…plus, he’s continued to develop a competitive work ethic that has to exist. So many lessons learned at UA that have prepared him for life…his Senior year was 10 years ago. His wife was in the HR Diversity Department with Wal Mart Corporate and recently took a similar position as Director of Diversity Practices with The GAP.

He had only a couple of tryouts for the NBA that didn’t advance much because they said that “his hips were too stiff”. He signed a nice contract to play in Turkey. It was quite the culture shock for him to land in the desert. He was there only 10 days. The club didn’t pay his first check on time, the hospital to take their initial drug testing was “nasty” (his words; he’s a bit of an OCD organizational and clean freak), the apartment that was part of his contract (along with the international cell phone and car) were actually shared with 4 other players. So, he cashed in his return ticket, enrolled in the fall semester at UA and received great benefit from his time there as an athlete. He had early offers from La. Tech, Florida and Tennessee back in the day, but he always wanted to be at UA and we always felt like “Arkansas takes care of it’s own”. It’s certainly proven true for him.

Can someone tell me what “stiff hips” are?

Hahaha…the Grizzlies said that he had excellent straight line speed but wasn’t very 'shifty" with the ball in his hands. That’s what they meant.

If you’re talking about the redhead, you’re absolutely right!

I like reading and catching up on Pookie. Thanks!