The Aggies Beat Bama

I bet Saban was a bear in that post game press conference.

Down goes Bama!

Now that one shocks me. I’m glad, but shocked.

Now the West is still open with 3 SEC West teams with 1 loss to an SEC West opponent (OM, Bama, and Arkansas). Might be a pipe dream, but Arkansas still has a shot to win the west and play for an SEC Championship.

We’d need help with Ole Miss even if we run the table. They go to EOE-K next and the Vols are suddenly impersonating a football team. Also have Auburn and Moo U as roadies.

The Vols have had an easy schedule so far. But they are really playing well. It will be interesting to see their performance against tough competition. I’m impressed with their coach. Very impressed.

Indeed, and we don’t have an easy rest of the schedule either, but hope is alive an well.

It is rumored A/M was contemplating sacrificing a virgin before the game to insure a win… 1262 cadets volunteered.


It took about 110,000 screaming aggies to do it. After seeing that, I think I would rather keep that game at Jerry’s world than go down there every other year. It’s a brutal league. No gimmes.

College Station, where men are men and sheep are nervous!

Mississippi State hasn’t entered the conversation, but they seem to have the personnel to cause a lot of problems.

They beat A&M at the same place as the game last night. Enough said on that subject.

The Egg Bowl could exceed the point total of our game last night. It promises to be a wild one.

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