The Aggie Unis

Reminded me of a long shorted version of the early Sutton era unis. I always thought that was a good look. I think we broke out something similar a few times in the Ronnie Brewer days.

They were throwbacks to the Shelby Metcalf era. That was intentional. I liked our unis of that period except I always thought the embroidered Hog on the shorts looked really bad.

I finally have to post something. Have been reading for a couple of years and
Do enjoy many of you frequent posters. Swine, your knowledge of arcane bits
And pieces of information regarding not just the Razorbacks blows my mind. How you have the time to learn all of this and then post all over the site blows my mind .
Keep up the god work!

Guess I shouldn’t have used ‘blows my mind’ twice. Will try to do better!

It’s OK Mike. I never function properly after blowing a mind. Usually takes me two or three days to recover. Hope you’ll post more after the cobwebs clear. Yes we should all keep up the God work. :wink:

Let’s see:

  • Son of a Razorback football player (57-59)
  • Devoured every word Orville Henry wrote in my childhood and remember a lot of it
  • UA grad, worked for Butch Henry and Rick Schaeffer in sports information for 4.5 years, attended football practice almost every day and every home football and basketball game (and most baseball games, track meets, women’s basketball, swim meets, etc.). I was on football stat crew and did TV stats for basketball through those 4.5 years. Head coaches in this period: Lou Holtz and Eddie Sutton.
  • Covered football/basketball teams for UPI for four years after graduation (Hatfield, early Nolan as well)
  • Season ticket holder pretty much since I got out of media business.
  • Still devour media guides, box scores, pretty much everything I have time to read (and working nights, I do a lot of it in the wee hours).

So that’s where it comes from.

Nice to know somebody appreciates my contribution, Mike. There are a few people around here that undoubtedly wish I would leave.

That explains a lot Swine. I moved to Arkansas in 1988. Have been a big Hog fan
Ever since. In Florida now and retired but feast on all news regarding them Hogs.