The Aggie Offense

Could be just the thing a struggling secondary needs. Their passing game looked a little better with Johnson last week. He’s a decent QB with SEC experience, but he does not strike me as the kind of guy who can put a team on his back and carry them. What’s more, the Aggies have had some protection issues. It would seem that at least on paper, this is a pretty good matchup for our Defense. Thoughts?

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From the brief looks I’ve had at their O their Oline didn’t look in sync to me.

Entire Aggie Offense:



I don’t think Johnson has the accuracy to blow the hogs away passing. He couldn’t earn the starting nod at LSU or Texas A&M. The Aggie Oline hasn’t been great and it will. One down to tackling on short passes to stop them along with stoping the run.

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I cannot imagine that A&M has a worse offense, after 3 weeks, than we faced against any of our first three opponents. I sure hope we’re better now.

Our pass defense will improve with Slusher on the field.

Well they did only score 14 points on a Defense that has given up 28 and 63 in their other two games. And they only put up 17 vs. Miami. With Slush back, I like our chances.

History shows our secondary can make poor QBs look better than average, and good QBs look like the second coming of Joe Montana.

Rarely do we really make a QB look bad the only one that recently comes to mind was Matt Corral where he had something like 4 or 5 picks. Heck I think Clark had like 3 of them… may be mixing up Clarks game with another, but just remember Corrall coming in here after a monster game and totally going in the tank against us.

I hope thats the case with the aggies QB, but I’ll not hold my breath about it.


Two points Votan. 1. We have never made a QB look like Joe Montana. We have however, made a lot of them look like John Elway. The great Gary ’ Champagne Super ’ Nova of Rutgers comes to mind. 2. We had an extra DB in our secondary the day we coralled Matt Coral. His name was The Wind.

We could ask Jerry to open both ends of JerryWorld for a “tunnel wind”.

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