the absolute best thing about today we hit LH pitching!!

and not just ordinary LH pitching they were Vandy’s best and they had bigtime arms and great ERA hopefully it will prepare us for Etan Small MSU great LH Starter. that was great to see us take the right appraoch against LH many opposite field hits.

I think the best thing about today was the win. It was huge. Getting the split still keeps us well in the mix. Had we lost, we’d have had a whole lot of climbing to do. As bad as yesterday was, it’s not bad coming out of Vandy with a 1-2 split.

well winning was stating the obvious! but without all that hitting against their great LH pitching we get blowed out agin.

Youndamn the hogs had 22 hits today and Vandy had 11 or 12. The walks we gave Vandy keep them in the game. At some point you have to make them put the darn ball in play. That’s my grip about this game today.
Friday it was poor base running and not bunting. Campbell pitched good enough to win. Yesterday was just a complete melt down. The hogs can’t continue to walk our opponents and expect to win.
The remaining schedule it Brutal!
Miss St
Texas A&M
How many wins do you think the hogs get in these 15 games?

I will try. I say 9 wins in the last 5 series. We will figure out the pitching. We will hit better than Friday and Saturday. 18-12 and win the West.

I have to be honest and say and I hope i am wrong its going be to hard to take more than one from MSU and TA&M b/c MSU has 2 great starters and the best hitting team in the league they are relentless at the plate and don’t strike out much so they put pressure on your defense and TAMU has 2 great LH starters and up until today we had bad games agianst LH pitching. I think we can win 2/3 from the other teams so I see 8 wins maybe 9 but if we don’t figure out our starting pitching we are not going to win that many.That is what will make or break us Starting pitching and getting our bullpen straightened out where we are reliable…Today was a huge win and can inspire us to go on a run b/c we are home now for 2 weeks so we have to take great advantage of that.

9-6 now plus 9-6 in the second half o conference play would be ok I guess.

I think the pitching is only part of the problem. The hogs need Wicklander and a couple more lefties in the bullpen to step up and make an impact. I hope Scroggins can get it going. Kosty will be back next week and Cronnin didn’t look good today so maybe they get rolling too!
I would like to see L. Henry get some work mid week and see if he can help.
Next weekend I hope we are able to beat Miss ST. At least win the series.

i wouldn’t count on any more LH help and that has been a problem for yrs! don’t understand why we can’t get more quality LH in here I think we have a few coming next yr but need to be better than what we had come in this yr.Monke has great potential but has to throw strikes.Henry may can come on but hard to put him in a meaningful game right now.I would love to beat MSU! hope so!

Henry showed some promise yesterday. Monke just need to locate and throw strike but the wind can blow him off the mound. He needs to hit the weight room and get to eating like crazy!
Wicklander just can’t come out of the bullpen and be effective. Taylor has the arm and body but man is he wild.
Maybe someone will step up we need them too!

Wicklander is a hard one to figure out there for about six or seven batters yesterday he blew it right by them he just has trouble with the control once he learns that he can be a great pitcher.he can’t get behind an account and have to bring the ball in there where they can hit it . We really need kosty to come back strong and pick up where he left off which is probably unrealistic but we need him to Ann ramage needs to get his crap together.

Yesterday was tough on the pitchers. Wind blowing out, plus a tight strike zone. You can’t elevate pitching on a day with the wind blowing out at 25. Impossible to win doing that. And, the plate umpire did not give the low strike that is called at all levels for the pitcher. Cronin was really upset at about six or seven calls that he’s been getting. So he finally elevated trying to avoid walks and they hit it out.

Wicklander hit the bottom of the knee cap over the middle about 10 times and didn’t get the call.

What I did like was that Vandy didn’t get that low strike, either. The ump had the Vandy dugout howling in the ninth when Arkansas was putting together that rally. Ump would not call it.

I’m just saying that’s how you get a 14-12 game on Sunday, wind blowing out and nothing at the bottom of the knee cap called a strike. I know the catcher was framing it low, but it sure looked like there were a lot of strikes where the ball was coming over the front part of the plate.

It was like the ump wanted to see the ball hit out of the park. Wind was perfect for that and don’t call the low strikes.

Very rarely get a well called game behind the plate in the SEC. These kids aren’t getting paid anything within a couple of inches of the black needs to be called, nobody came to the ballpark to watch people walk hitters need to be reminded that that is going to be called and they are up there to swing the bat!!