The 5th Quarter

I don’t usually come to this board to criticize. And if this over the top…mods, take it down.

But listening to Rainwater and Marcus criticize anyone, while they are not adequate at their jobs as post-game radio hosts has really gotten to me.

So far I have heard that the offensive line is “not talented.” That our running game is “an embarrassment.” Rainwater also said that he was disappointed in the “left side of the line”…the “side with Johnny Gipson and Brian Wallace” (he did correct himself finally I’ll admit).

Now…I actually agree about the running game…and the offensive line probably isn’t adequate. But if anyone in this world is going to criticize someone else, you need to be doing your own job well. Sorry.

Here’s what is embarrassing:

-Marcus called Ty Storey “the other kid”. Couldn’t remember his name.
-Rainwater said we only blitzed maybe once or twice? What? are you kidding? I guess a linebacker blitz, or a corner blitz doesn’t qualify as a blitz. I guess it has to be an all-out 8 man jailbreak to count as a blitz. And btw Wallace and Gipson play on the right side of the line. Clay, Bo, Dudley, the coaches, and anyone else paying attention has expressed concern about the left side all camp…and Wallace and Gipson don’t play on that side.

I realize their job is to assess. Even criticize. But before the 5th quarter crew calls anyone inadequate at their job…they ought to be adequate at theirs.

Rant over. Sorry…had to get that off my chest.

ME and RR, than you are in sad shape indeed!
I’ve met randy once personally, and I’ve spent a good deal of time with ME and I REALLY like him as a person and call him a friend, BUT…those 2 have about as much insight as Wall Hall. as in none. Very nice people, you’d like them both as a neighbor, but don’t look there for your football education.

Just my 2 cents