The 51 experiment needs to be done

This kid just not ready to play guard, he needs to sit back and learn first but the problem is their is nobody to learn from!!

And if Ellis, 51 on defense, can run a 4.4, I can run 4.0 flat!

And I actually was about to agree.

51 is really bad. Say what you will ,but that guy is just not good. He is probably the best we have right now, but he’s not good.

Who knows if anyone else would be better? Froholdt was handed the job.

His look after he gets beat is priceless, he’s embarrassing and it will only get worst

He has gotten beat every single game, more than once. Like I said, best QB we have had in a long time and don’t have a line that can give him a second to think.

Raulerson isn’t playing any better

This offensive line is embarrassing and CBB is supposed to be known for good o-lines. I don’t get it?

Both guards played poorly, but 51 needs to take a seat on the bench. He was beat repeatedly tonight which looked like every other game he has played. Someone else needs a chance to show they can play. They couldn’t do any worse! Bigger picture – it looks like CBB struck out on this O line coach hire.

We need to recruit Denmark better.

Sam Pittman was a lazy recruiter and we are paying for it now. The new o-line coach is mediocre at best but hopefully he can recruit. Why Zac Rogers is not playing is beyond me. 50, 51 and 60 are not SEC linemen. Enos has made us a passing team but Luckily we have the best pure QB we have had in a long time, maybe ever. Whaley is by far our best back, but must learn to pass block. Holister was a stud on kickoff and punt coverage and the units as a whole were vastly improved. We can’t tackle. Our best pass rusher (Jr. Wise) played DT all night. Ramsey got no playing time. Thank god for Ryan Pulley. The good news is we are 4-2 and our loses have come to top 5 teams. You can’t have five turnovers and hope to win, especially against the best D in the conference. The big question, is Rob Smith good and we tackle bad or could we have a better scheme?

We have best d-lineman Denmark had ever produced, too bad we play him at o-guard.

:lol: :lol: :lol: That’s funny right there …

The thing is, I have full faith the Froholdt will be a beast. In a year or two. Its obvious he isn’t good right now, and I hope the coaches understand that. The problem is, they haven’t put anybody on at first team left guard since spring!! This experimentation was a complete bust. Rotate someone else in there at the very least. Please. I can’t stand to see Austin get hit while 51 just whiffs.

Yes…51 was given the job because BB likes him so much…why? He has never played that position but BB said that he can make him great. And that player from Texas was scared…he let several players run by him while he acted like he was to double-team the nose…good grief…however, why in the world didn’t they play Moore in the earlier games when they knew that the starting LBs were playing way too many snaps. Greenlaw goes out and now they expect a true freshman against the No. 1 team in the nation to perform above his experience? Well, one can mark this up, it will be 13 straight losses to Bama because their freshman QB is the real deal…well, the weedeater bowl looks good now…NUFF SAID…