The 4

An old flaw reapeared in today’s game. The 4 did not score. Neither Bailey or Gabe scored and both threw up some ugly bricks.

The hogs allowed another massive run, partially set up by poor shot selection and bad defense,

Joe was again our best offensive player. Harris did a good job running the offense. Gafford was slightly outplayed. Embrey Simpson and Chaney could not repeat their performances in the CSU game. Jones found his shooting touch late in the game. Stills showed some toughness and played a good game.

The main takeaway from today’s game was that we played like the young team that we are. They clawed back and were in position to win. They wii continue to improve and while this was a painful loss, it should serve as a learning experience. I am still excited about this team and think they will make the NCAA tournament. WPS

We need some help on that front line, for sure. Reggie Chaney is the most talented 4 we have, but he lacks experience. He should get better as we progress through the year, but I thought he should have played more in the 2nd half to help Gafford.

The Bassey kid more than held his own against Gafford. Bassey is smooth and talented. I see why those NBA scouts were there watching both of those guys.

I agree.

I think Dudley said last year, if Chaney were here he would be your 4. Well he’s here mike, start him. If gabe takes another three, sit him down rest of game. Both Gabe and bailey were 2 steps slow tonight. At least Chaney hustles all game in the minutes he plays

Seems like most of players were a step slow.Wonder how much getting home from CSU at 4 a.m. then playing a tough game approximately 36 hours later affected the team

Bailey has had several good games this season. He was averaging 10 points and 5 rebounds while playing an average of 25 minutes going into today.

Today was not a good game for him.

He played 26 minutes and Chaney 14.

I suspect will see that pretty well split as we go along.

I said it and stand by it.

I think he is going to be a great one down the line and think he is coming on each week.