The 4-game series against Gonzaga?

I don’t remember any other 4-game series in the past. They all seem to have been 3 or less games each for non-conference and always 3-games for conference series. Why 4 for Gonzaga? Does that help us set up for the tournament coming up?

Noticed that OleMiss started with Louisville, Vandy played Michigan, and Florida is playing Miami early. Van Horn seems to prefer mixing some tough non-conference teams more gradually in his schedule. Is that just a different philosophy for their coaches compared to ours or more of a “luck of the draw” thing?

Arkansas has played four-game series before. I remember it played four against San Diego State here in 2013. There have been others, including some events that included four games, but not all against the same team. That happened in Surprise, Berkeley and San Diego in the last 10 years. I’ve heard Van Horn say that when you travel that far, you want to get your money’s worth, so a lot of times a fourth game is added.

The reason Arkansas is playing Gonzaga four times is because both needed to fill a hole on the schedule.

Van Horn’s preference, from what I’ve noticed, seems to be to play marquee competition at neutral sites during the nonconference part of the schedule. There haven’t been many home-and-home series, but there have been a few, such as the USC series last year and the year before.

Arkansas is going to play three Big 12 teams in Houston this year; three Big 12 teams in Arlington next year; and a Big 12, Pac-12 and Big Ten team in Round Rock in 2022. The Houston and Round Rock events are a few weeks into the season. The Arlington event will be a season opener.

When you spend a big chunk to travel from the coast or to the coast, makes sense to play four games. Basically, get your money’s worth out of the trip. That’s the way Dave has always explained it to me.

Seem like a 5 game series would be appropriate then.

Five games would cause too much missed class and/or travel issues with previous or next series. Not to mention burning pitchers. There’s a reason MLB doesn’t even play five-game series.

The reason for not playing five games is simple. That wipes out another day of classes in the same week. They are students and baseball players miss way too much in the spring. You do need to be in some classes once or twice every week.

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