The 3rd best team in the nation (OM)

just fell to 3-5. How is that possible with all those stars?

The good news is they picked up another quality loss. I mean they had a lead against a dominant AU team late in the 3q.

That has to put them in the Top 10 when you factor in their other quality losses vs Bama and 5-3 squads for FSU and Arkansas.

They’re going to have real problems from here on out. Freeze needs a dual threat QB in that offense and the mutant will be gone. The NCAA’s ax will either be still hanging over their necks in recruiting season or already put to use. They have Georgia Southern, Vandy and Moo U left so they might get to six wins, but they aren’t beating A&M and I wouldn’t put @ Vandy down as an automatic win either. Then once the NCAA gets done sorting out how much Tunsil and Treadwell got paid, they’re gonna be knocked way down for several years.

Yeah but they had a great run in recruiting rankings. Envy of most of the nation. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

SHEA PATTERSON… The kicker is, they will be down for a year on recruiting, but once the cloud gets removed, I anticipate Bucky to be back recruiting at a high level. He is a recruiting workaholic and what he does well. Guy couldn’t “coach” himself out of a wet paper bag, but damn sure knows how to recruit… Give him credit, HE knows how to recruit IF he can keep the Chevy dealer from giving “loaners” for 8 months!!! I still believe Bama was in the mix. Ck out Mark Emmert’s (Pres of NCAA) past life. Previously was chancellor at Lsu-cks when they hired Saban…??? OM beats Bama 2 yrs in row and then coincidentally, OM gets a NOA 5 days before NSD…hmmmmm!