The 3 point line

Arkansas was 10 of 17 on 3s up 59-50. Missed last 8 3-point shots. And very few open looks rest of way. Bailey had one good look, but he’s not right guy.

FT line hurt us also

I think we miss FTs in late games and blow leads because they are too tired. Need more rotation, the 7 guy rotation thing I’ve heard muss talk about isn’t going to work.

We stopped running an offense. Just let poor old mason Jones dribble around and try to make an unbelievable shot… Jimmy whitt literally stood there in the corner and watch the whole thing… I couldn’t believe what I was seeing… hopefully somebody will ask coach about that

We could rotate more and be down by more points even with made free throws if you prefer. I think you worry about your offense first.

It might be worth a try, Jones is way to gassed at the end of the game and that’s not working out. We need more rotation even if it’s just a quick breather here and there.

Just who are you going to go to? We got a short bench due to talent and depth.

Who should have played more for Jones?

There’s no one to play that will score! Cyllia is a wasted roster spot. He immediately got lost on defense when he came in for Jones and got back doored for a layup! He will occasional take a shot but not very often. Sills fouling out was huge in this game.
Henderson hustles his tail off and that basket he would have had should have counted.
Taking the air out of the ball killed the crowd and the offense. Whitt was the no show tonight.

Well I don’t understand how Whitt can just stand there in the corner and watch all this go on!! He wasn’t even trying to move to get in position to get the ball! Where is that coming from???

He was like that the entire second half.
Blows my mind.

Whitt was 0 for 7, 0 for 6 in first half. He quit shooting after 7 misses and just took his man away from the hoop. A rare off night. He did work his butt off on defense and rebounding. I think he wore out from battling on defense in the low block. Dang, he played hard on defense.

Shit we only have 6 serviceable guys right now, so yea 7 ain’t gonna work let’s hope 6 does

I think defense and defensive rebounding often figures into playing time. You must not be a defensive liability if you want to play for Musselman. I think that is clear.

So, why do you think Cylla and Henderson are not serviceable? Remember they are on scholarship. One is a fifth year senior and one a sophomore with good athletic ability.

I see defensive failures when they enter the game, often immediately. It took Cylla 8 seconds to give Up a backdoor layup. I am told Henderson has that issue in practice. This coach just does not tolerate defensive mistakes. He reminds me so much of Sutton in that way. A regular at practice says the same thing. On defense, You must play hard and play well.

Not sure on Cylia was hoping/expecting more from him… actually way more, maybe talent in the sec is to much for him

Now remember I’m in Sacramento so 95% of my hog info comes from here

Now Henderson is a funny case. Seems I was reading on here when he was in HS and AAU as a frosh and soph his rank and skill and projection was high. Seems I remember reading on here his stock was going down last 2 years. Also I know for a fact several if not more question the player he was in HS and AAU at the end and that he’d struggle at this level. Just hasn’t improved in my opinion and like tonight gets on the court gets 2 stupid fouls in 42 seconds and back to the bench

I could be away off and I love/read all your takes, please enlighten me

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Henderson’s 2nd foul was a bad call. He should have been credited with a bucket instead of a foul.
He just hasn’t played enough defense to be solid. Cyllia gets lost! Can’t stay with his man. The back door is just an example. He had a game where he scored at the rim and just an open 3. Then he passed up shots where he was wide open! The talent in the SEC is way over his head in my opinion.
I’m not so sure about Henderson. He may take another year!
Give CEM this next class coming in with a complete roster with no one sitting out and I think the Hogs will be a force in the SEC.
This is another game this season that
Free throw shooting should have won the game in regulation.
WKY, South Carolina and Auburn.
The Miss ST game would have been won also.
The Kentucky game I’m not so sure about.
No blow out losses. This team fights and fights hard.

Agree with both of that.

I think Henderson issue is on the player himself. He is just not working hard to get better is what I hear even from people who like him.

Cylla seems like a bad evaluation on part of the staff. Not sure what they saw in him other than stats.

Do you think he does that all on his own? I seriously doubt that isn’t quite intentional as are most things on this Muss coached team.

If Muss didn’t want him doing that, he would’ve changed it.