The 2022 class is screwed

Just talked to a coach at Group of Five school and he said they plan to sign less than 10 kids in the 22 class because of seniors coming back next season.

Hit on this and the portal on Sunday. A lot of mid-level kids will be going down a level or two.

Because they can’t afford the scholarships? I thought with the Covid deal, the seniors returning didn’t count against the 85 max.

I thought the same on 85 limit. How bout the 13 on basketball?

It would have to be financial, as the returning guys don’t count against the 85.

Tulsa signed six in December, one in February, and accepted one transfer at semester break. They have 13 seniors returning.

TU as an institution is in bad shape financially. In 10 years I will be surprised if they have D1 sports. Their academic reputation is taking a hit as well. Head coaches Montgomery and Haith restructured contracts BEFORE Covid19 to help the cash-strapped athletic department. I have no clue what they are doing to survive right now.

Just a thought, but if this is happening at every school, or a lot of schools, doesn’t that mean the potential for Arkansas to get higher rated recruits is better?

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I don’t see this impacting P5 schools. They have the budgets to have seniors coming back and still sign a large class.

I think what Richard is saying is that almost every school below the Power 5 is keeping seniors, too. They don’t have money to give extra scholarships. If a senior returns and keeps that scholarship, it’s not going to be handed to an incoming freshmen. They just don’t have the dollars. I would think it would be tough for UCA to stockpile players. They aren’t going to have extra funds to bring in players if 7-8 seniors stay around.

I wonder what the result is going to be with baseball, too, because of the shortened draft. Every college baseball player got a year back. Kevin Kopps is a sixth year junior. Think about that.

This doesn’t make much sense to me. Kopps sticking around benefits the UA financially. It’s another student enrolled that’s not on a full ride.

As for football players 7 more sticking around is equivalent to 7 random freshman choosing to not enroll. Scholarships aren’t exactly cash in hand but rather a waiver to pay fees essentially. If 7 more students enroll, it’s essentially covered, albeit there may be an allocation issue. I don’t think the issue is players sticking around, rather student enrollment being down and/or attending virtually.

There’s more to this mathematically than the cost of a scholly.

Student athletes cost a lot more than tuition and room and board. Their training table is much more than an eating plan, lol, plus you have trainers, tutors, clothes, etc. I bet it adds up to more than 7 random students not attending.

Cost is Much more than any other sport in football.

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