The 2019 class

I’ve always said the 22 or 23 that has been mentioned in the past is just a number and could go up. I’m now expecting Arkansas to sign around 29.

You obviously would count back to get to 29.

what about grad transfers do you think we leave room for two or three of those?

That is very good news.

At this stage of the re-build we are doing almost as much demolition as new construction, so 2019 being a large class is no surprise.

Are you saying that because we are expecting that many to transfer or because we already have that many kids wanting to come, thus forcing players out?

They know they need immediate help and I’m sure they’re expecting more to leave.

if that is the case we need 4 more OL instead of 2 and they need to be impact players!


Immediate impact OL, as you know, are pretty rare. A lot of guys may play, but finding JC and high school guys who are actually good within the first seven or eight games in college is tough. I will be happy if we get the numbers up with mainly high school guys who can be good SEC OL by the end of their redshirt soph year.

If they get one legit starter for next year out of this recruiting class, that is probably as good as we could expect. What really has to happen for 2019 is that the holdovers have got to get better, and the numbers for depth have to be filled in by recruiting, with the idea you are molding most of those new guys for 2020 and beyond. Rebuilding sucks.