The 2 seed line

Right now is Bama, Iowa, Ohio St., and Houston. I believe the winner of the Big 12T, if it’s Kansas, Texas, WV or OSU, is going to get a 2 seed. Baylor won’t drop out of top 8. So that means we’d essentially get leap frogged and would likely need 2 losses out of Iowa, Ohio St and Houston for us to get to a 2 seed if we have a strong showing in SECT. Of course if we win it, someone will get bumped.

Probably as simple as we trade places with Alabama if we beat them on Sunday.

If the hogs really are the top 3 seed maybe it’s a simple as Houston getting beat and out Hogs bearing Bama in the SEC tourney! Houston has a Q-3 loss! Their blind resume up against the hogs should scream.

Just curious… why are we not a #2 seed right now? I know I don’t understand it all and probably should know the answer to that, but… we are the #8 team in the AP and Coaches Poll, which would put us at the last #2 seed.

Obviously, a lot will change with the conference championships looming this week but the “right now” is what we are talking about.

Sorry for any ignorance on my part in understanding the bracketology.

Polls and bracketology are two different things. Bracketologists are trying to guess what the committee will do this weekend, based on things we know the committee considers. Poll is just trying to rank the teams. Those two processes can reach the same conclusion, but more often they don’t. It’s telling that among the multiple pieces of information the NCAA committee considers, the polls are not among them.

This page is an abbreviated version of what the committee considers for each team, including NET rating (which doesn’t have a lot of weight, but has more than the polls). It’s a good thing NET doesn’t have a lot of weight, because based on NET alone, we’d barely be a 4 seed.

AH. Gotcha. Thanks for that help in understanding it…

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