The 2 most dissapointing players...

This weekend were Sprinkle and Morgan. Both Seniors. Both leave with questions about their character. I’m more upset with Morgan for spitting in the VT players face than the fumbles (although both killed us). And Sprinkle…there are no words.

Both of those actions were bad…really bad and a reflection on our state and team.
The least we should receive is a very public and humble apoligy from both.

Do not agree with you on Drew Morgan.

He played hard the whole game.

That was frustration which was more than understandable.

And there’s a story behind it. He was obviously retaliating.

Kids make mistakes. At that point, the game was lost. Morgan was one of the few showing any passion and desire to win the game.

I’m proud of Drew Morgan. This one episode will be but a footnote.

Frank Broyles had a favorite discription for a player, playing in the moment-- “presence of mind”.

Both fumbles and the personal foul occurred when Drew Morgan did not play with a presence of mind. The long pass broke VT’s back, game over ! But Drew didn’t have the presence of mind to accept a first and goal at the two.

Juice is great, but juice with presence of mind is much, much better.

Frustration my ass…You don’t ever spit in another man’s face. I don’t care how frustrated you are. That type of behavior is unacceptable. If he was retaliating he responded the wrong way. You retaliate by kicking your opponents ass on the field.

I am an alumni (81), foundation donor, etc, etc…
I have never recalled a player @ the UA ejected over a spitting incident…
No excuses----Morgan tarnished his image regardless what others may say…

Morgan was not retaliating. Morgan was the instigator. At another point in the game, after Morgan fair caught a punt, he tossed the football at a VT player. The ball landed on the top of the VT player’s head. The official rushed in and warned Morgan, and Morgan went and picked up the football and handed it to the official.

Morgan has to own this one. Totally classless move.

I can’t remember one on Arkansas. I do remember the UNLV quarterback spitting in Kenny Sandlin’s face when they collided on the sideline in the Las Vegas Bowl. He wasn’t flagged, but the TV cameras caught it. That was all the talk before they met in the season opener the next year.

Spitting on an opposing player is an act that defies the head coach. It’s an act that runs counter to winning football.

It bespeaks that the head coach really doesn’t have control of the player, if not the whole team.

Can you imagine one of Saban’s players spitting on an opposing player during the critical part of a game? Ridiculous. Drew Morgan is a grown man now. But he acted like a punk. No, he acted like a “thug” since that seems to be a favorite term used around here and elsewhere.

The reality is that the last memory most Hog fans will have of Drew Morgan is him acting like a thug.

Sad but true.

Morgan - senior
completely missed block on screen pass
2 fumbles
personal foul penalty
spitting in an opposing players face

No excuse

that is the most ridiculous. statement i have ever read One player loses his mind in one play of season and its the coaches fault

please move away from the keyboard Gus is not coming
And Ala did have a player do that

Ala had a player stomp on McFadden in one pile up. I watched that thru binoculars in Tuscalooser.

Both have issues apologies to their coaches, teammates and fans. I’m still disappointed in them but appreciative that they owned up like men. I wish both the very best and thank them for all the great things they have done for our state. Good men do stupid things. Hopefully they have learned from this.

Yes, they deserve what happened to them. What’s really embarrassing for our program and recruiting is sitting in the Charlotte airport and watching the big screens all throughout the airport seeing the face of Sprinkle in his Razorback gear with the caption - suspended for shoplifting. :frowning: :frowning:

Gus? What the hell are you talking about? I could care less about Gus. I guess you are happy with the last several years.

And it’s not just one play or one player. You’ve got the shoplifter. There’s quitting against Auburn. And blowing big leads against Mizzou and Auburn.

Typical. Enjoy it, bro. Hug and kiss the losing.

Play76, that’s the most well-stated post I’ve seen on this board, at least for some time. U sed it lik it iz!

Think Mixon retaliated too. Let’s forgive both.

am i happy about the past 2 years ? No, do i think we left wins on the table, yes.
I also think we won a few that we really shouldn’t have.

When we beat both Ole Miss and LSU last year what did u think and were you happy?? of course you were.

I don’t know if he is the right coach but what i do know is you cannot change coaches all the time hoping for a Saban.
Do you really think we would bat everyone? We can hope but reality is no. will i except 8-5, 7-6 and then a 9-3 ur damn right i will. My problem is when we dont play aggressive whether its off or def. Now is that because we dont have the players, scheme or just scared IDK

We play in the hardest conf and we have had one of the toughest sch for the past 3 years.

if you think there is a better coach by all means tell us. You have made ur case about how u dont like him at all so i just figured you loved some Gus or petrino.
enjoy ur misery

Loved Petrino. Much better coach than Bielema. He won big time here. The results don’t lie. But I know you and others will marginalize what he did here and lecture me on why he had to be fired. Fine. That’s been hashed and rehashed.

Chad Morris would be a better coach here. Knows Texas high school coaches very well and runs an innovative offense. It’s the kind of offense high school kids actually want to play in. We need someone like that to put it all together and actually succeed at recruiting. Plus, he’s coached at a school in Clemson that I consider to be similar to Arkansas (except maybe for some of the recruiting advantages).

Yeah, it’s miserable being a Hog fan right now. Very. Are you suggesting it’s not?

hawgindaslough - so as long as you are frustrated and feel upset you can spit on someone? That’s what our society is coming to. Morgan doing that was an embarrassment to himself and the team. I don’t recall anyone from VA Tech frustrated team spitting on a Razorback player in the first half. Self control. Discipline. Needed in life - and on college football teams. Probably a good thing that Morgan is moving on and taking his personality with him.