The 18th Arkansas commit is TB A'Montae Spivey (story)...

the 6-1, 200-pounder from Phenix City, Ala.

He chose Arkansas over LSU (who offered in June), Missouri, Cincinnati, Purdue and others. … -arkansas/

Awesome!!! Is this the lone RB we’ll be taking?

That’s the current plan.

Well welcome aboard!!

Love it…this is not a bash or concern or anything…don’t take it that way…Did Bama or Auburn recruit him?

I believe that Dudley would have included them if they had offered. They are loaded with RB talent

I mentioned in another thread I would give some insight into A’Montae and Arkansas.

He’s been coming for a while. He was going to commit on my radio show a couple months ago and then delayed his decision.

Only had 74 carries, any down time his Jr. season?

Most of their games were runaways. He didn’t play much in the second half.

I saw on another thread that Deion Hankins committed to UTEP. This was just a week after he said Arkansas was at the top of his list. Did Spivey take the lone RB position available?

No, neither Alabama or Auburn offered.

His SEC offers were from Arkansas, LSU and Missouri

Split time with his older brother who signed with Mississippi Valley State and also looks like he missed a few games to injury in mid-season

Dudley, have they given the number 5 to any running back? Those are some very large shoes to fill.

Rakeem Boyd is wearing 5 this season

FWIW so is DE Dorian Gerald

They must think highly of Boyd. I don’t like the deal where they give out 2 of the same numbers, especially D-Mac’s. 5 should be retired, in my view. Maybe one day…

This staff just keeps on impressing. These guys are really getting it done. Sounds like a good one to me. I’m neither a scientific rocket nor an arithamatician. However, I’m pretty sure that 74 carries for over 900 yards equals quite a bit more than 10 yards per carry. Don’t know what the competition is like out in that Alabama dessert, but it’s probably better than D-mac faced in high school. WPS, GHG and recreate 98!

Excellent news and great job coaches!!! Love his size and can see him with little more weight and not lose a step of that 4.4 speed! This recruiting train is on a mission right now!!! Who is next???

When you have 85 scholarship players and over 120 players in the program, you are bound to have some duplication.

I agree with you about D-Mac. I mean what do you have to do?

Trend is away from retiring numbers nationwide, I think. But if anyone should be retired, #5 would be up there.

Loss of numbers in football is not as big a deal since you can duplicate. There are 99 legal numbers in college football (0 and 00 are not allowed), so if you have well over 100 guys in uniform, kinda have to double up on a few.

I’ve read he has shown good ability to catch the ball out of the backfield. This will probably now be a skill that rates higher than before when looking at running backs.

Great pick up.