The 17minute - 10 minute mark

Of the 2nd half we were smoked!

Halftime score was 42-34
In the first 10 minutes Vandy scored 31 points to our 17 points. That made the score 65-59 Vandy.

The turning point was Makhi Mitchell’s 3 point bucket then the game turned on a dime! It was the 17:02 point of the second half. The score was 50-40 us and Boom! The next 7 minutes was 31-17. Smith made a 3 point play and AB made a turnover and in 30 seconds it was 50-45. The 3 pointers just kept coming…

With 9 minutes to go it was
67-59 Vandy
14-3 run by Vandy in 5 minutes

8 minute mark
69-59 AB missed 2 FT’s

7 minute mark
75-62 Vandy and the rest was ugly

So there is a recap

What are you thoughts today with threads going every direction?

I think Vanderbilt got all of the motivation they needed to win the game yesterday when our “diaper dandy” showed his immaturity with taunting their team and fans with the “cry baby” crap.
That was what lit the fire in them to put it on the Hogs and they sure did.
What started out as a season of great expectations has completely begun to fall apart due to a lack of discipline, immaturity and leadership starting at the top.
They represented the university and our state very poorly yesterday and should formally apologize and proclaim that this type of behavior will not ever happen again. They have to know that you win and lose with dignity, class and respect.

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