The 15 most overpaid coaches in college football … lin-102716

15 Bret Bielema, Arkansas (salary: $4,145,000)
For the record, I believe Bielema is the right coach for this program, despite last Saturday’s embarrassing loss to Auburn. He has the Razorbacks on pace for a second straight eight-win season, with the foundation in place to build on that success for years to come.

However, $4.1 million is in the Top 20 salaries in America and is quite a bit for a perennial eight-win coach who very likely won’t have his team in the conference title chase for the foreseeable future. Especially when you consider that there are plenty of other big-name coaches (including Washington’s Chris Petersen and Louisville’s Bobby Petrino) who are making less.

If this Arkansas team wins 8 regular season games he is not overpaid. Winning 8 games with this OL and the worst rush defense in all of FCS will take darn near a miracle.

Eight wins in the SECw put you near or at the top 20. If he does that wouldn’t he be appropriately paid?

These articles are always amusing–as if they could fire Bielema and hire Peterson or one of the other established, big-name bargains.

I guess the litmus test for me is whether someone else would pay him $4 million/per if he would leave.

My guess is someone would.

As usual, you are right on point.

I think it is possible to believe that CBB is the right guy for the job, but to also feel that to this point results have not matched his salary.

I agree. However, I wish he would adopt the Petrino offense.

He hasn’t recruited for the Petrino offense. To adopt it now would extend the futility another couple of years.

SEC Coaches pay is based largely on recent results. 2016 pay would be based heavily on 2015 results. Here’s SEC coaches salaries in order for 2016:

#1 Saban
#2 Sumlin
#3 Malzhan
#4 Freeze
#5 Miles
#6 McElwain
#7 Beliema and Jones Tied

The Hogs’ SEC W-L record tied for 3rd in the SECW and tied for 4th overall in 2015. The overall tie is for 4th through 7th. CBB’s salary is in line with SEC results. The overpaid coaches in 2016 would have been Malzhan, Sumlin, and Miles based on 2015 results.

Hogs still have a shot (may not be likely) at the same 5-3 record. If he doesn’t match last year, I’d bet he doesn’t get a raise and probably other SEC coaches’ salaries will pass him.

Coaches are based on market. Top tenured professors who turn out great students should probably be paid more than top coaches, but that is not “market”. Based on the market for SEC head coaches, Beliema is right where he belongs. If he doesn’t maintain or improve this years results over last years, he won’t get a raise, rightfully so.

Thanks. Very kind of you. Don’t tell bakedhog that. He said he has argued with me 100s of times over multiple sites and this year when I was right about OM was the first time I’ve ever been right about anything. :smiley:

You’re wrong on this one too :wink: