The 11 am kickoff for Auburn

Will put a dent into the unofficial visitors and maybe some of the official visitors.

Cursed program it seems! Got to keep pluggin’! A win at Kentucky would be wonderful! ghg

Self inflicted problem - self inflicted is spelled - S J S U

Dark and gloomy is spelled: DARK AND GLOOMY.

Jackson man, you sure are one negative dude about something you have no control over. Hey expect the worst but hope for the best. I doubt we would be any other game slot due to the games that week anyway. Hogs might just surprise you.

SO … if we’d beaten SJSU we’d have a better time slot? Really…

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They kept telling me I was too negative about Bert - trust the process, he’s building it the right way, uncommon, blah blah. That trust so many had resulted in the destruction of the program.

I’ll trust my own eyes and ears and hope for the best… but 13-45 in the SEC since 2011 and 0-10 under Morris tells me to expect the worst.

As I recall, I was against CBB and you told me I was wrong. Then about year three, you jumped on my bandwagon. Don’t pat yourself on the back too much. :wink:

By the way, when I said it would be a mistake to hire someone who ran a RPO with what Bret had, I believe you told me I was wrong then too. Several said it would take less than a year for the RPO to move us out of the cellar. I believe all those same guys are the ones complaining now.

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I was not a fan of hiring Bielema - but got on board and urged everybody to do the same. By 2015 it was obvious recruiting was faltering and Bielema had a significant drinking problem - said he should have been fired after the Auburn game in 2016 and was proven right. We definitely kept him a year too long. Several though defended to the end like Nero fiddling while Rome burned.

As for an RPO coach that was and is the way to go IMO. We can’t recruit enough quality linemen to play bully ball year after year.

well you have to let Morris get some players to run the RPO. When you OL and DL are playing mostly in state walk ons in the SEC, well that isn’t a Morris problem. He wanted the job. Lets see if he can get out of the ditch Petrino put us in.

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He needs to win some games very soon - can’t recover from another 0-8

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m not against an RPO coach, I was against an RPO coach taking over after Bret. I even said at the time the reason is Bret had players that were too slow for his system. No way they can run the RPO. It would take two years to get rid of all the slow guys, and another two to get it running properly.

My worry is if we fire Morris (and I don’t think we will this year), and replace him with another system, we start over. Have to let him get his system in place, or replace him with a similar style.

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I agree - if there were a a change for some reason we should get another RPO coach.