thats the way to be ready Bonfield!

love it when he swings at that 1st pitch,he does that and his average will get back up

There was nobody on base and no pressure! Load the bases and he will take until he has 2 strikes and then pop out or k!
And Grant is about the same.

I’m proud to see him swing at the first pitch too! That’s against the scouting report.
Maybe he will start swinging more early in at bats. He sure has done a lot of looking this year and waited until he has 2 strikes to start taking his swings.

Bonfield had an RBI hit on a 3-2 pitch with two outs earlier in the game. That’s about as pressure as it gets.

That hasn’t been the norm for him this season. He has done a lot of looking.
I am glad to see him swing the bat early in an at bat.

He has been fine–probably a better year offensively than a couple of fellow upperclassmen who were pre-season all -conference. But, yet, for whatever reason, he’s the one who is always mentioned.

He’s slashing .300/(well over .400)/.500. Very solid numbers.

By comparison, Koch is .264/375/.445 with the same # of HR and RBI.

Jax is .288/.398/.411 with minimal pop (but great defense).

Luke has been fine. He is the whipping boy for some reason and is held to a higher standard than others who was higher expectations.

Bonfield always takes pitches. Typically, he is going deep in every at bat. I’ve seen that for four years. For those who have just noticed it lately, it’s nothing new. Coaches have told him and told him to be more aggressive. He just isn’t much on swinging at pitches early in at bats. Sorry, that’s him.

Bonfield is going to look for mistakes. And, then if it’s not a mistake, he wants it elevated. If it’s elevated on the outside part of the plate, he’ll drive it the other way. Otherwise, he’s going to take. In the SEC, there aren’t too many mistakes. And, mostly, they aren’t going to elevate pitches.

Army hog why are you so negative? These are college amateurs who play their hearts out every game!

taking pitches is the only thing I have ever had against him,just see him missing some great opportunities to drive the ball but he’s a steady player and hopefully come through down the stretch.

Bonfield hit very well last night. Great night in fact.

I’m more bothered by Koch’s set up at the plate. Several commentators have mentioned his distance from it make it hard for him to reach balls on or just beyond the outer edge that SEC umps tend to call strikes. He isn’t hitting well & it might very well be that pitchers are pitching him outside.

The book is out on him. Pitch him hard andnogf the plate and low and outside with soft stuff. Then again that had been the pitching book on most hitters for over a 100 years.

One good Koch is doing is that he’s still drawing some walks. He was on the ropes last night after looking bad most of the night and awful on a couple of outside breaking balls he didn’t come close on to start his last at bat.

Then, he worked the guy for a key walk. He knows what they’re doing to him. It’s just difficult to adjust sometimes.