'That's my block': Bailey's big play seals win over Valpo

“It was me, him and the rim, and he had to meet me there. I was either getting dunked on or that’s my block," Adrio Bailey said.

Much more on Bailey’s play vs. Valpo and the senior’s remarkable block that sealed the win:

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Thanks for embedding that video clip in your story. What an awesome play by Dro … at the most opportune time.

Was amazed at how “easily” Liberty seemed to blow by both JWJ & IJ on that drive. :open_mouth:

JWJ got screened and IJ wasn’t in good position to pick him up off the pick. I have to put that one on Joe. Fortunately Adrio cleaned up the mess

That’s basic help defense as it’s taught. Hard to blame JW or IJ because you’re not going to be in perfect defensive position every time. Bailey being very comfortable in the paint, did exactly as he should, releasing from his man at the right time to help out.