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I’m ready for something different. Can’t take all the wide open 3s and getting MASSACRED on the boards.

As easy as it is, this isn’t Mike’s fault.

Yes it is. Yes it is.

I don’t think he should get fired, but he’s gotta make some stuff happen talent wise this off-season. He’s got to find some guys that can score the ball. Our defense overall this year hasn’t been horrible, but just go on offensive droughts that are absolutely crazy, guys just missing shots and having bad turnovers.

Jalen Harris needs to be seeing some bench time until he learns how to shoot the ball. We need to go out and get a JUCO starting PG to play over him next year. He’s the worst shooter I’ve ever seen and has some of the worst late game decisions. You can’t have a guy on the floor that shoots 13%. When you have him and Bailey on the floor together you’re playing 3 on 5 on offense.

Are you kidding? Eight years in and you don’t think it is Mike’s fault? These are his players, assistant coaches, and crappy system. This is all on Mike!! #FireMike


Ugh! stop using this oversimplified answer that explains nothing. You tell me EXACTLY what Anderson is doing and we can have a legit discussion.

But I will say the way things are looking I’m not as certain as I was a couple weeks ago that he’ll be the coach next season. It’s a difference between losing and just completely disappearing and going on the crazy droughts we go on, this last 5 games have been horrible to watch. Fans are losing interest really quick.

Here’s where I disagree with a lot of people. We have players that can score. The problem the whole season is we haven’t players score consistently. Call it youth, confidence, whatever, but it’s a point of getting it every game and we’d be sitting pretty and nobody complaining.

General…would you like to explain why he should be retained?

How about recruiting better players? Half the guys on this team have no business playing high D1 basketball. Quit running a defensive system that leaves wide open three after wide open three. Teach his team how to rebound. Towards the end of the game A&M had a 33-17 rebounding advantage. That is terrible!!

Killed on boards. Our team allowed open shots from anywhere on the floor. We have a point guard that sat out one year and can’t throw the ball in the ocean from the feee throw line or the floor. He sat and watched him throw the ball away on offense and lead to easy baskets for A&M.
We allowed A&M to get to within 4 to 6 feet in the middle of the lane and never stoped the ball. Poor playing by the players and poor coaching. Get some better players to fill out this team and keep about 6 of the the others that are here. They can’t make a free throw but will take 3’s. Makes no sense. Leave Emery Simpson and Sills on the floor and let Harris sit! Jones Joe and Gafford can score when they get the ball in position to score. Run some offense
instead of knocking holes in the floor.

When was the last time the hogs won the rebound battle? Not in SEC play and no a soul in red and white blocked out tonight.
Poor and sad to watch.

We had a top 20 class this past year. Nobody complained. We had 3 top 100 players from the previous year. Nobody complained(one can’t ever play and one transferred, not Anderson’s fault).

Half? Really? Like who?

The rest of what you said is hyperbole and still doesn’t gives specifics. Thanks for playing.

Again, this is a huge explanation on what the PLAYERS DID! Now show me where Anderson didn’t address these issues? Now I agree, as the leader, he’s got to take the brunt of the responsibility but you have to at least give legit arguments to your points.

To me after 8 years it just boils down to a general lack of success. I think it is generally accepted that primary measures of success in college basketball are conference championships and success in the NCAA tournament. In Mike’s term we have zero conference championships and are 1-3 in the NCAA tourney. I saw in a post (or article) a few weeks ago that 13/14 SEC teams have made the Sweet 16 since 2010. Sadly we know who that one is. Give him another year? I don’t know. Does anyone believe we will be better next year without Gafford? I don’t think we will be much worse but seriously doubt we will be better.

The question is can we find another coach who will do better? And I can’t answer that with an emphatic yes but it is getting to the point where I think it is worth it to take that chance. And that makes me sad because I think I and most true Arkansas fans like and respect Mike.

Bailey, Gabe, Henderson, and Ibby for sure have no business playing at this level. Harris and Sills are borderline.

Well then, who’s fault is it?

On to baseball. Glad I didn’t attend and watch Billy Kennedy school MA in BWA.

That’s 4 guys. One is debatable, one is mind boggling, and the other two you might be right.

Harris and Sills? Harris is one of the top assist guards in the country and Sills is one of our quickest players and a very good defender. So I disagree with both of those.

  • 8 years 3 NCAA tournaments and 2 wins (no Sweet 16s)
  • in 8 years we have been ranked in the Top 25 maybe 5 weeks? I don’t know the exact stat, but I think I’m close to correct
  • the future doesn’t look bright with Gafford leaving
  • defense continually gives up open 3s and boatloads of offensive rebounds with our “40 minutes of crap”
  • 8 years of total garbage at the PF position. Coty Clarke and Alandise Harris had their moments, but other than that garbage. Keaton Miles, Arlando Cook, Adrio Bailey…spit
  • Lastly, and if you had a military background you would understand, he is ultimately responsible for the health of the program. The buck stops with Mike.

I think u of a has posters on here. They are nothing
It interested in improving basketball. Just want the money from sec.