That's an 8 seed;

Say it IS so, Joe :smiley:

RPI bumped up from 30 to 28 today. Some other teams have taken bad losses so maybe we might climb to 8 seed. Maybe winning tomorrow would get us to a 7. I’d rather be a 10 than an 8 actually. Eights tend to turn in their uniforms Monday morning, or sooner.

I hoping for 7 or 10 seed.
Is it possible with a win tomorrow? Swine

Possible but certainly not guaranteed. Too many moving parts between now and Sunday evening. Vandy’s up to 33 RPI now after sweeping the lizards, so 2 of 3 against them looks nice.

Gurus are under seeding us, bet we are a 7.

During the SEC Network broadcast, they had both Hogs and Vandy as 9 seeds. Of course, that was before the win. May be, though, that the winner Saturday and the winner of the season series gets the higher seed–at least if you trust their seeds.

Arkansas can boost their RPI today with a win, a Minnesota win over Michigan and a Texas-Arlington win over Texas State-San Marcos.

We currently sit at 28 in the RPI.

Interestingly Real Time RPI predicted a 74-73 win for the Hogs over Ole Miss. It has not yet updated with today’s prediction.

7 plays 10; face #2

8 plays 9 ;then face #1

Both scenarios we face a giant in round 2

I just want to be in Tulsa.

Lunardi’s update this morning has us in Greenville playing Okie Light in the first round, the UNC in the second. That’s a bad portion of the bracket to be in.

I think our chances of being sent to Tulsa and bracketed with Kansas or Baylor or some other 2 are probably better than being sent to Greenville. Bracketology is all a guess anyway.

Lunardi seems to be giving very little credence to the conference tournaments. It looks like he’s left NC as the overall #1 seed after their loss to Duke. He also left SC as a 7 seed after their loss to Bama. Our RPI is better than SC. Our record is better than SC (24-8 to 22-10). And, we beat SC in their gym. ?? It’s beginning to look like, even if we win the SEC Tourney, he “might” move us to an 8 seed.

To some extent that’s accurate. What you do in January and February is more important to the committee than one weekend in March from a seeding standpoint. Although for the Poultry it was a continuation of their late season slump. I will not be surprised if we wind up with a better seed than SoCar. Or if we don’t.