That Won't Work in College Ball!

I’ll think he’ll adjust somewhat, depending on the competition and the score, or other factors. So yeah when it’s 4th and 15, he’s will punt sometimes. I can see him cutting back on the onsides KO, again depending on the situation. Completely change to the so called NORM, my money here is NO.
It’s like a 10% thing, but I am agreeing w Swine here, very interested in how he does and will definitely be keeping an eye on PC’s games. Yesterday was streamed on ESPN 3, pretty sure I saw it on the schedule, but not seeing it coming up this week.

I understand being more prone to go for it on 4th down. I can even see more frequent onside kicks. It’s the “never” and “always” that I expect to change.

Rationally, that makes sense. However, I suspect he is committed to proving a point and will not.

I don’t know him or much about him, but that is my thoughts!

3 pm Saturday against U Fort Lauderdale on ESPN+. All of their games will be streamed somewhere, including Facebook Live for the Dayton game and the home school’s own stream for the last game against St. Thomas. Which will be in late November in Minnesota (brrr).

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Another important factor is faith in your defense. GA and Bama can probably get by giving the other team the ball at midfield. Chances are, they still will scored on very infrequently. I gather they had a good defense at PA, but really have no idea.

To me, the big issue would be teaching your team not to have a big letdown when you go for it on 4th down and don’t make it. Seems like there is always a big shift in momentum when it happens for normal teams, similar to having a punt blocked. If you can condition your team to deal with that, then the statistics should prove out in the long run.

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