That Western Kentucky game just became a little more difficult


Well it looks like slick Rick Stansberry got a good one! Wonder if anything is shady!

Is water wet? Is the sun hot?

No, no, no . . . nothing shady here! Why, five stars have been lining up to play at WKU for . . . minutes . . .

Something about that state of Kentucky and basketball recruits. Hmmmm,

Man some people just can’t help but to cheat. Wonder if this situation ends up like the Mitchell Robinson situation, he was a 5-star big man committed to them last year, got on campus and decided he’d be better off not even playing lol. Either way from an RPI stand-point I hope Western Kentucky ends up being really good, could be a signature win for us.

whether any shenanigans are not, this kid will still have to put them on and laced them up the same as our bigs, I look forward to this particular dance, our young Hawg ballers will not disappoint you, they are hungry and have something to prove, where they lack currently in experiences at the D1 level they make it up in so many other areas plus they can and will play on both sides of the ball, with skills sets to boot.

Donte Jones jr.?

Money spends the same in Kentucky as it does in Mississippi.

My guess is that Stansbury has managed to siphon funds to his legal guardian to steer players to him.

good guess, shame because Bowling Green and W Ky are great for the region. Bowling Green is a nice place to live with lots to do for it’s size. Slimy Stansbury still has the wool pulled over the folks in Starkville who believe he just recruited kids who wanted to be part of Hail State family… Slick Rick has not changed…