That was the Wicklander

We have been hoping to see.

Outstanding today.

Indeed he was. I’m not at all surprised we scored 8 runs (thought after last night we might get double digits), but I’m shocked we shut them out. Just didn’t thinkg we had any pitchers left beyond Wicklander. He was great, but I’m surprised DVH used Scroggins & Vermillion since both pitched yesterday. Don’t recall how many they threw, but it was more than I thought would allow them to pitch today.

absoluteley was he has great potential and we really needed him today and he gave it to us…way to go!

It was huge yesterday having Scroggins come out of the bullpen and also today. Maybe Wicklander can take the game 3 starter duty so Scroggins can stay in the pen. I really enjoyed watching him today.
good win for Wicklander I hope this gives him some confidence.

I thought he was outstanding. He will hopefully keep getting better and more confident. Doesn’t seem to get rattled. We definitely need him to be this version of himself the rest of the season.