That was strange...

Ump points foul and it was clearly fair.

I suppose he was signaling ther ball hit the glove.


That’s almost as bad as some of the calls the home plate umpire has made equally bad on both teams.


I wonder if the signal affected the play. The ball was fair, but I couldn’t tell if the LT players quit or slowed down when they saw the signal. If not, then it’s sort of a “no harm no foul” issue. If they slowed enough that it allowed our runners to score, it was a major screw up. I don’t think it changed the play’s outcome, but I’d like to see it again on replay. Regardless, it was a strange play & I don’t blame the LT coach of being upset.

Definitely waving his arm the wrong way. I tried being an ump when I was just out of college. Needed money in the worst way because I was making $85 a week at the Log Cabin Democrat. So I did some legion games. You can look like a fool at times. That guy did tonight. I was getting $50 on the weekend to call four legion games. I had a legion coach from Morrilton ask me one time if I was getting paid to both call the game and write it? He said I was bad at both. I had to laugh because he was probably right. (Folks in Morrilton didn’t like anybody in Conway when it came to sports.)

One of the things I learned is that you only yell foul, never yell fair. You point and say nothing when it’s fair. I do not think that guy yelled anything when he started pointing the wrong way. But I can understand if the Tech coach was upset.

I think he was signaling fair and simply pointed the wrong direction. A foul ball call is made with both hands in the air. Ump will point to the field if it’s fair. He was clearly pointing with one hand.

Given that there were two outs and where the ball ended up, there is no way Fletcher doesn’t score from second. I’d say a runner with just decent speed scores from first on that one as well with two outs.

That being said, I’d have gotten tossed if I was coach as well. That might’ve been more about trying to get a call for his team later in the series. A move that says “you may have been right about the call, but the way you called it was wrong.”

What amazed me is whatever they signal is what it is… shocked they didn’t stay with what he signaled.never seen them not do it but glad we got those runs!

Well the problem with that is he really didn’t signal anything.
The signal for a foul is raising both hands.
Pointing foul doesn’t really mean anything

you’re right Doc.weird deal all around,glad the ball was fair and we got those runs.